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The best Cyber Monday vacuum cleaner deals: $120 off Dyson, $100 off Shark, & more

Vacuum Cleaner For Pets
Vacuum Cleaner For Pets

Fall and winter are upon us now, and people tend to stay inside a lot more during these times. The major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are times to gather around the dining room table with family and friends. Plus, with certain mean ole viruses running around, a lot of us aren't leaving the house much anyway. All-in-all what this adds up to is a lot more crap around the house. With all the Cyber Monday going on right now, you might want to think about picking up a vacuum cleaner so you can clean up the place you're spending more and more of your time in.

The great thing about vacuum cleaners is that there are a lot of them. You get a wide variety of brands and a lot of different features. The prices can very from the super affordable to the absurd. You might even consider a smart robot vacuum to help out with all the day-to-day messes.

We've got all the best Cyber Monday deals on vacuum cleaners right here. Keep in mind some of these deals may not be live yet but will be at some point over the next month.

Best Cyber Monday Vacuum Deals

There are a ton of vacuums from all the major retailers. Obviously Shark and Hoover are two of the biggest names you're going to see. For good reason, too, since they make great vacuums. You'll definitely have to find the one that works best for you. Keep track of all the Cyber Monday sales and follow Thrifter on Twitter for the latest and greatest deals.

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