best Android RPGs without in-app purchases

There are tons of role-playing games available on Android, but plenty of them adopt freemium models which will nickel-and-dime you in order to fast track progression. Hardened, old-school RPG players want none of that, and for them we've assembled our favorite Android RPGs without in-app purchases. If your tolerance for IAPs is a little higher, check out our top 10 Android role-playing games overall, which includes some of those below and some freemium titles.

Our top ten role-playing games without in-app purchases span multiple styles, and some may even test the limits for what you consider an RPG, but no matter your definition, these will provide rich stories and character development, unsullied by ads or nagging to buy gems. Keep in mind that we have a few titles here that use in-app purchases exclusively to buy episodic content beyond the free sample provided. In these cases, you'll be able to shell out for the season pass or get individual episodes a la carte, which we figure is as good as making a purchase at the onset.

With that said, let's dig into the best Android role-playing games without IAPs.