The Best Accessories for the Kano Computer

The Kano Computer already has a lot going for it. It can teach you and your kids to code, it's a gaming machine for anyone who loves Minecraft and, best of all, it encourages people to sit down and create something new. So why not making something that's already good, so much better? With the accessories listed below, you'll find out just how varied and creative you can get even without using the Kano Computer.

With this collection I've provided, you'll have found not only a couple of new kits that'll expand your Kano Computer adventures but something that'll make using your Kano Computer kit that much easier. If you ask me, just because of aesthetic values, my favorite accessory has to be the Kano Pixel Kit. While limited in what it can do, it's simplicity is truly something to marvel and find joy in. Plus, it adds to the educational aspects of the Kano Computer.

Aimee Hart