Best Accessories for the Kano Computer Android Central 2021

The Kano Computer already has a lot going for it. It can teach you and your kids to code, it's a gaming machine for anyone who loves Minecraft and, best of all, it encourages people to sit down and create something new. So why not making something that's already good, so much better? With the accessories listed below, you'll find out just how varied and creative you can get even without using the Kano Computer.

The accessory you're looking for: Kano Motion Sensor Kit

While the Kano Motion Sensor Kit can be used without having a Kano Computer, it adds a whole new layer to coding. With a wave of your hand, as well as a very handy tutorial, you'll be able to create art that moves, music that sings, and so much more. It'll definitely be enough to keep kids distracted, also. The possibilities of what you or your child can create are limitless.

$18 at Amazon

Screen up: Kano Screen Kit

Again, this isn't just for your Kano Computer but for all HDMI devices out there. What makes this 10.1 LCD screen stand out as a great accessory, however, is how its unique modular design is a great learning opportunity for you and your kids. To put the Kano Screen together, you'll learn more about how liquid crystal, alpha, gamma, and pixels all work.

$84 at Amazon

Basic but sturdy: VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Mouse

A valuable mouse that works with your Kano Computer is surprisingly hard to find. With the VicTsing MM057 however, I believe we've got a winner. Not only does it prioritize comfort with its special processing and advanced materials to support your wrist, but it'll also enable users to adjust their own CPI. All this for $10? What more you could you need?

$10 at Amazon

Safety first: Hermitshell Hard EVA Carrying Case

No matter who you are, you're going to want to keep your Kano Computer safe. With the Hermitshell Carrying Case, the compact, crush-resistant packaging helps you protect whatever you want to put inside. It also comes with a thick, elastic inside that keeps your Kano Computer keyboard from slipping out and becoming damaged.

$15 at Amazon

Fashionable and basic: TeckNet Ultra Slim 2.4G USB Wireless Keyboard

There's just something extra nice about having a snazzy-looking keyboard. With this wireless keyboard you'll have a USB nano receiver to help you connect to your Kano and boy, does it have a range. Even if you're standing 10 meters away, you'll be able to use your keyboard easily with a portability that's hard to pass up on.

$15 at Amazon

Pixel me this: Kano Pixel Kit

Just like the Motion Sensor Kit, you don't need to actually have a Kano Computer for this. But if you do, this is more than a worthy accessory to it. As with many Kano products, the Pixel Kit allows children to explore coding through the use of color and pixelation. They can create characters, songs, and different rhythms just from using the Pixel Kit's excellent coding tutorial.

$79 at Amazon

With this collection I've provided, you'll have found not only a couple of new kits that'll expand your Kano Computer adventures but something that'll make using your Kano Computer kit that much easier. If you ask me, just because of aesthetic values, my favorite accessory has to be the Kano Pixel Kit. While limited in what it can do, it's simplicity is truly something to marvel and find joy in. Plus, it adds to the educational aspects of the Kano Computer.

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