Beautiful Widgets becomes first paid app to hit 1 million downloads

We love Beautiful Widgets. Not only do they provide essential shortcuts on our homescreens, but they look good doing so. It's because of this that we're happy that LevelUp Studio announced that the app is the first paid to reach 1 million downloads. To celebrate, they put together an infographic (see it after the break) detailing some of their stats. They have had 121 updates in the Android Market, they have a total number of 1109 skins for their products while there are 1.3 million downloads of those skins every month. 

A few days ago, Google announced 10 billion downloads in the Android Market, which they are celebrating by discounting select apps to 10 cents. Beautiful Widgets was featured on Day 2, so hopefully many of you who haven't tried the app were able to grab it for cheap. 

For those of you who still don't have the app, you can find links after the break. 

Sean Brunett