Beat Saber is finally getting full multiplayer, will arrive October 13

Beat Saber Multiplayer
Beat Saber Multiplayer

What you need to know

  • Beat Saber is a VR game in which colored cubes are sliced apart in time to a song of your choice.
  • It's an incredibly popular and addictive VR game which is often considered to be the go-to for any VR player.
  • After years of solo Beat Saber-ing, full multiplayer is finally coming to this rhythm based VR game.
  • Multiplayer between friends and strangers alike will land on October 13, with PS VR possibly a little behind.

Beat Saber has been and will continue to be a fantastic example of why VR deserves a place in gaming, and is often a go-to for introducing VR to new players. The game has been missing something all these years though, an no it's not Linkin Park (that was added a little while ago). Despite the competition involved in nabbing the highest score on your friends list, Beat Saber has been lacking proper multiplayer support. That's about to change, according to a new announcement on the official Beat Saber Twitter page.

That's right, Beat Saber will finally get full multiplayer support, allowing you to challenge friends, family members, and even complete strangers in head-on duels to get the highest score. It seems like Beat Saber's multiplayer will likely have players compete with each other while listening to the same song, possibly side-by-side as well. According to the Beat Saber team, multiplayer is coming October 13, so we have less than a month to wait.

However, there is a potential piece of bad news for PS VR owners. According to the Beat Saber team, while they're trying to ensure PS VR multiplayer support happens at the same time as other platforms, the PS VR platform is a little bit behind. I'd expect a delay for PS VR, but hopefully it won't be too long.

Oculus Quest owners, however, can consider upgrading their Beat Saber set-up with custom designed grips for Beat Saber, allowing you to really feel like you're weilding light sabers as you slice to the music.

Are you excited for Beat Saber multiplayer support? Let us know who you'll face and what song you'll play when it lands in the comments below!

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