Disney Plus's The Mandalorian is a big hit for the streaming service, but Baby Yoda is the surprise superstar. Yes, the world is in love with the marbled-eyed little green tyke with his/her/its cute little coos and adorable curiosity. Though Disney doesn't have an official Baby Yoda Christmas ornament available at this moment, there are plenty of handmade and 3D printed ornaments out there on Etsy, Poshmark, eBay and other sites. Here are some great Baby Yoda ornaments that you can order right now and have it delivered in time for Christmas.


★ Featured favorite: Baby Yoda embroidered ornament

Staff pick

I love everything about this handmade embroidered Baby Yoda ornament. Maybe it's the happy little face that's full of curiosity and joy, or maybe it's because Baby Yoda is just chillin' in a basket. I could even see keeping this ornament out on display year-round in the house. Order before Dec. 17 and you'll have it by Christmas!

$10 at Poshmark

The perfect Christmas ornament: Baby Yoda with Mandalorian Snowflake Ornament

What's not to love about this ornament? Baby Yoda and the titular Mandalorian are together in this awesome pewter finish snowflake. It's perfect for any tree in any house.

$45 on Etsy

Choose from different finishes: Baby Yoda Laser Cut Ornament

This awesome Baby Yoda ornament is laser cut and engraved from 1/8-inch medium-density fibreboard (MDF) with finishes that include Basswood, Cherry, Walnut, Maple, or White. In other words, it looks clean and nice.

$10 at Etsy

Baby Yoda with a vintage feel: Baby Yoda embroidered ornament

This Baby Yoda Christmas ornament shows the little tyke in his basket with a worried look on his face. Maybe they're wondering if their Mandalorian pal is okay? The ornament is made out of a durable modern felt material, so it has this great vintage feel to it.

$7 at Etsy

Two sides to this ornament: Baby Yoda Heirloom Poinsettia Ball Ornament

A doe-eyed Baby Yoda is printed on the front of this Christmas ornament with a more traditional heirloom poinsettia on the back. It comes with a gold-accented hanger string.

$17 at Amazon

Baby's 1st Christmas: Baby Yoda wooden ornament

Baby Yoda's First Christmas is immortalized in this super cute wooden ornament. Order now and you'll get it just in time for Christmas.

$10 at eBay

3D printed Baby Yoda: Baby Yoda in a Santa hat

This 3D-printed Baby Yoda in a Santa hat ornament has Star Wars fans' favorite toddler reaching out for something Baby Yoda probably shouldn't be touching.

$10 at Etsy

You need to hurry

People love personalizing their Christmas tree with things they love, and people are loving Baby Yoda! Yes, Christmas is right around the corner, but it's not too late to get the tyke up on your tree. You can still add a Baby Yoda and Mandalorian snowflake ornament to your tree, or maybe you prefer having the embroidered Baby Yoda ornament up there with all of the lights and decorations that you've collected over the years. Etsy, Poshmark and other sites have a lot of great options to choose from, however, these seven Baby Yoda ornaments stood out as the best choices.

The holidays come once a year, so why not make it super special. Baby Yoda is really cute and would be a wonderful holiday addition for any Christmas tree. You just need to act quickly so you can get your ornament delivered in time for Christmas. Of course, if ornaments aren't your thing, you can always pick up a cool Baby Yoda toy or collectible.

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