AutoCad for Android set for launch on April 20

The folks over at Autodesk have finally announced the date of April 20 for the launch of the much-anticipated (at least by engineers) Android version of AutoCAD. In addition to the date, Autodesk made sure to point out that AutoCAD for Android will be free and will have all the same features and functionality of the iOS version. Android 2.1 Eclair was listed as the minimal OS requirements, which means that over 90 percent of current Android devices should be able to run it. A full range of languages will be supported based on the language selected on your device:

  • English
  • Chinese 
  • French 
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

You can watch a short demo of the tablet version of the app running on a Motorola Xoom above. [Autodesk] Thanks, Carlos, for the tip!

Kyle Gibb
  • Pretty big news. Sh*t I remember using AutoCaD back in High School. Lol I could've cared less since I was already graduating.
  • I use AutoCAD daily, and I'm not sure I'm sold on this, I'd have to try it. I would rather red line my plans than make field edits to my dwg. If I really needed to view plans in the field I'd just throw a PDF copy on my device.
  • nice. I use AutoCAD everyday too. Not sure how this would work and how useful this will be. it look like it's going to be hard to do any edit on there
  • I used to use AutoCAD every day in high school and college. Now I'm doing more with SolidWorks and Inventor. Still, it's a fantastic program. This app definitely seems geared more for tablet devices. I couldn't imagine using it on my Aria (with its super-big 3.2 inch screen :P) I didn't realize there was an AutoCAD for iOS. I'll have to check it out on my brothers ipod touch before I pass any judgement.
  • Pretty awesome, I use andcad right now for viewing plans on my phone if I need to. Hopefully this will be built better and be more intuitive than andcad is. Still no replacement for the full on desktop version though.
  • This is AutoCAD WS not the full version of AutoCAD we use on our desktop. It's designed for editing and sharing a file in a limited fashion. I use PDF in my business because my clients don't want to learn a new program. They mark up the pdf and send it back to me to revise drawings. Not sold on this WS version.
  • This is great. I have an Android phone and tablet and use Civil 3D on a daily basis. I have AutoCAD WS on my iPod and one giant limitation is that you can only access files that are uploaded to your account first, which means you'd have to upload it before you travel (at least with the iPod or iPhone as it doesn't have file management capabilties like Android devices). I hope that isn't the case with the Android version, but we'll see soon enough. The app on my iPod worked pretty well, I'm looking foward to seeing how well it works on my tablet.
  • This is very exciting. I use the app daily on my iPad. You can open cad files from email and dropbox in the iOS version. Hopefully the android version will mix with the file structure capabilities though!