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Maybe that square Moto Android phone is real after all (and called the Twist)

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Far be it from us to scoff at that hideously square Motorola Android phone -- possibly called the Twist -- that made the rounds over the weekend, but, well, it was pretty bad. But just because it's bad doesn't mean it might not exist, and Android France snagged what appears to be specs of the blockish Motoblur device. Size is listed at 67x67mm, and just less than 16mm thick, with a 2.8-...

Verizon's doing something on Monday ... Incredible? Or just Pink? (or football?)

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So Verizon has some "journey" that it's beginning on Monday. While we're all waiting on the HTC Incredible to be announced any day now, we're not quite sure it fits the "it's new, it's unique" line that Big Red's touting here. Instead, it's quite possible that it's referring to the fabled Microsoft "Project Pink" that's also rumored to be announced then, and that certainly would match...

Google Earth returns for the Droid with 2.1 (and we put it up against the Nexus One)

Google Earth returns for the Droid with 2.1 (and we put it up against the Nexus One)

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In case you hadn't noticed yet, Google Earth is once again available on the Motorola Droid with Android 2.1. (It was missing for some people after the update, and there for others. Why? We dunno.) Anyhoo, we decided to have a little fun with it and put it side by side against the Google Nexus One (also running Android 2.1, natch) to see which phone better ran the hefty app -- it still...

T-Mobile Motorola Cliq software update now official (but still isn't Android 2.1)

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Remember that update for the Motorola Cliq that was being tested a week or so ago? It's now available for all to download. No, it's not an update to Android 2.1 or anything, but there are a slew of improvements, which we'll list after the break. In the and while you're reading, get to updating, m'kay? [Motorola] Thanks to everybody who sent this in. Relocated “End Call” Button: The “...