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What you need to know

  • The battery-powered August View doorbell camera is now on sale again.
  • August had paused shipping the doorbell camera in April due to some performance issues that were reported by users.
  • The wire-free doorbell camera now offers more reliable connectivity, improved video quality, faster notifications, as well as quicker device wake-up time.

August has announced that its battery-operated View doorbell camera is now available for purchase once again. The company had to halt shipments of the device soon after its launch in April due to Wi-Fi connectivity problems. August View is currently available only from the company's website for $229.

August says it has updated the device's software to address those issues and make the View much more reliable than before. In addition to improvements to Wi-Fi connectivity, the August View now boasts better video quality, faster notifications, as well as quicker wake-up time. While the Wi-Fi performance has now been improved significantly, the August View will still not operate if you have a Wi-Fi signal of less than -70dB.

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When it announced that it was pausing shipments of the View in April, August allowed its customers who had purchased the doorbell camera to keep it and receive a full refund in exchange for some information on their setup and installation.

August View Doorbell Camera

The battery-operated August View doorbell camera can be easily installed without having to worry about wires or calling an electrician. With 1440p video, the doorbell camera gives you a clear view of who is at your door. It features 2-way audio as well, allowing you to interact with whoever is at your door. When paired with the August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, you can even let guests in, no matter where you are. It also offers on-demand live video streaming, motion alerts, and zoomable video.