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Why Calls From Nexus One Sound So Good, It's The Voice Processor!

See that little chip there, outlined in yellow? That's the Audience A1026 Voice Processor. It's the voice chip that's inside the Nexus One and pretty much the reason why the Nexus One can make such amazing sounding cals. How does it work? Well, basically the Audience A1026 uses two mics to identify the primary voice in the conversation and to eliminate the surrounding noise. According to Audience, "it also automatically adjusts voice volume and equalization during calls to adapt to local noise interference."

Phone call quality has become relatively overlooked as smartphones get more powerful. We're doing so many different things on our phones that it's easy to forget that these devices make phone calls too. Luckily, the folks at Google and HTC upped the technology with the Nexus One and brought us back to our roots. If you don't have a Nexus One to test phone quality, head over to the Audience web site to check out the demo of the A1026 in action.

How's your phone quality on the Nexus One? Getting any compliments or complaints? Or are you just having a hard time getting reception?

[venturebeat, image via ifixit]

  • The call quality on mine (returned) was nowhere near as good as the Motorola Milestone. If Moto had stuck a snapdragon processor in the Droid/Milestone, nobody would be giving the Nexus One a second glance.
  • I can vouch for this - coming from the Tour (muted voice) and iPhone 3GS (dropped calls and frequent call issues) - the Nexus call experience has been great! Even on 2G w/ AT&T
  • I was kind of disappointed with the Nexus One release. It doesn't seem to be any better than the Motorola Droid or the Apple Iphone. John R. Carlisle
  • Could you people please stop contradicting each other? Yes? Thank you.