AT&T announced today that it is partnering with FiLIP to bring its smartwatch product to the U.S. as an exclusive to the carrier. FiLIP is targeted at parents as a device for their children to wear, keeping them in touch while they're apart without giving them access to the complexity of a complete phone. Much like the extremely simple phones made for younger kids, the FiLIP offers children direct messaging and calling with a pre-defined set of five contacts, as well as location information of the FiLIP back to the parents.

The child's FiLIP watch is controlled remotely by an app on the parent's smart phone, giving them access to all of its functions. From the app parents can monitor location information, talk to their child and set "Safe Zones" to alert the parent when the child enters or leaves a certain area.

At this time AT&T isn't providing any specific pricing or availability information out side of saying that FiLIP will be available "in the coming months." Being the exclusive partner for the U.S. market gives AT&T a lot of freedom on how to market and price a device like this, so it will be interesting to see how it positions this against regular phone plans.

Source: AT&T

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