ASUS and Wikipad get PlayStation Mobile support

Sony is currently holding its Gamescom 2012 press conference in Germany, and it's just announced that two new Android device manufacturers will be joining its PlayStation Mobile (formerly PlayStation Certified) program -- ASUS and Wikipad. The former needs no introduction, as it's the biggest player in the Android tablet market right now. The latter is a lesser-known organization responsible for the Tegra 3-powered Wikipad tablet, which sports an integrated gamepad. So it's a big win for the team behind that device, to be sure.

Equally, this great news for owners of ASUS tablets, who will get access to Sony's PlayStation library in addition to the already bundled NVIDIA TegraZone. There's no word on which ASUS tabs will be getting PS Certification, though we'd expect the Transformer Prime, Transformer Pad TF300, Infinity and Nexus 7 should all be capable. If the Nexus 7 manages to pick up PlayStation support, it'd represent another jewel in the crown of the leading Android tablet.

The two new manufacturers join HTC, which signed up to PlayStation Mobile earlier in the year. 

Source: Sony

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  • im willing to bet that part of this 'certification' is the fact that these devices cannot have HDMI out. No different then the Sony tablet which I thought was dumb but a smart/dumb business decision to keep selling other devices.
  • Now if were lucky, it'll be out by Christmas next year
  • No kidding. It would be cool to play PSOne games on a Nexus 7 but that's assuming it makes it to the N7 and also assuming Sony doesn't screw it up.
  • i dont see benefits on the psmobile yet... great games have been develop to android and that will keep growing, is only beneficial to Sony IMO.
  • so first i find out that my HTC One X is certified about 3 months ago, and now that my tf300t will be aswell (hopefully)... sweet :D
  • I was excited when I purchased my Sony Tablet S December 2011 and found out it was "Playstation Certified." Couple that with the update including Playstation 3 SixAxis controller support natively and it looked like a very good offering. But after seeing the games that have been released in the PS Store so far, I'm very disappointed with it. I couldn't see things being much different with the newest additions to the handful of tablets that are "Playstation Certified."
  • Hope it also will support the TF101.