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Not content with producing some of the the worlds most beautiful cars, Aston Martin has decided to get in on the luxury smartphone space with this. Known as the Aspire, the device packs Android 2.3.5, an 800MHz processor, a paultry 256MB of RAM and a 3.2 inch HVGA display. Right.

Choice of colors is broad, with black, white, silver, gold, and rose gold all on offer. The gold variants are in actual fact made with real 24 carat gold, and command an increased price over the other three. So, what about that price then. Well, the non-gold versions are a staggering $1290, with the gold ones running you for $1590. This one firmly resides in the fashion over function section of the market then. 

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Even to a die hard Aston Martin fanatic -- like a certain British writer -- it's almost impossible to recommend the Aspire. The choice to use outdated hardware, and software, in what is priced as a luxury device is bewildering. RIM didn't skimp out on the specs with the Porsche Design P'9981, yet whenever such an Android device in this category appears it disappoints on practically every level.

Source: ePrice