Fantasy Football

Are you ready for some football? If you’re a football fan and like to play fantasy, hopefully your team is set and ready to dominate your league. Even though Drew Brees and Brett Favre (OK, Farve, not so much) started helping their teams on Thursday night, things really get going today. Before the rest of the games start, we wanted to provide you with a brief overview of some of the best fantasy apps for Android.

Whether you use Yahoo or ESPN, which are the two main fantasy services, there is an app out there. Each has its pros and cons, which I have outlined for you below. 

Yahoo! Fantasy Football ‘10

Yahoo is one of the most popular sites to play fantasy sports on and football is no exception.

Yahoo Fantasy FootballYahoo


  • Free
  • Check league and player stats
  • Make changes to your roster
  • The UI is similar to the website

Biggest complaint:

  • Yahoo recently brought this app to Android and the biggest complaint I have heard is that it can be a bit unstable. Errors pop up while trying to navigate to different areas of the app. The developers should fix that soon.


ESPN Fantasy Football 2010

The other major player in fantasy sports.

ESPN fantasy footballESPN fantasy football


  • Manage rosters
  • Make all lineup changes
  • Propose trades
  • Get live scoring
  • Scrolling ticker at bottom for news

Biggest complaint:

  • Costs $4.99 (a bit pricey for what it offered for free from other services)
  • No widget

Coming soon:

  • Push notifications


Huddle Hub

If you play Yahoo and ESPN, Huddle Hub may be a good choice for you, as it allows users to manage both services. It’s currently in Beta, so don’t expect everything to be fully cooked yet.

VPN Deals: Lifetime license for $16, monthly plans at $1 & more



  • Free
  • Allows management of Yahoo and ESPN leagues
  • Make roster changes

Biggest complaint:

  • Lack of live scoring and notifications 

Coming soon:

  • Live scoring
  • Alerts


ESPN is a more functional app than the other two, but it should be if you’re paying $4.99 for the app. Yahoo! and Huddle Hub will do just fine if you’re looking for a free alternative.

I would suggest trying them out to see how they work for you. You can try the ESPN app for 24 hours, and if it’s not for you, just get a refund. But make sure to download one of these apps soon as the NFL season is getting underway already. You need to stay on top of the live scoring and what better way than on your Android phone?

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