During Google I/O's opening keynote yesterday, the public beta for Android P was officially released.

Unlike Developer Preview 1 that required you to manually flash the software onto your phone, you can now just go to the beta's website, enroll your device, and install an OTA file that'll automatically be sent to you.

The process for downloading Android P is pretty simple, but just because the installation process is easy, does that mean you should rock it on your primary phone? I've been running the beta for a few hours now, and so far I've been really impressed with just how smooth and polished everything is.

Android P Beta hands-on: The best and worst features

For the most part, it seems like the Android Central forum users feel the same way.


It's obviously still way too early to make a judgement call, but everything seems pretty damn stable. Apps seem to be working fine, no real hiccups or lag, and connectivity seems to be normal.


I don't do Betas, but admittedly this one looks tempting. Nonetheless, I think I will choose to live vicariously through these posts until the fully baked final version hits. ...tempted as hell, though...:p


So far so good. Although not totally sold on the gesture based navigation. This is due to the fact the it tries to do two things with the same gesture so if you swipe for the full app drawer you see the recent apps very briefly. Sure I'll get used to it. Has anyone else noticed how bright the screen can get now. Almost blinding!


Looking good so far, have to agree gesture navigation is little finicky. Some times opens up app drawer sometimes the card view. Got to pull it up from the bottom horizontal bar to get the card view. I'll see if it's more of getting used to, I'm used to it in iPhone X and got to see how well I adjust here. Overall I do prefer gesture navigation if it's implemented correctly.


How about you? Will you be using the Android P beta as your daily driver?

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