Are you excited for the Galaxy Note 20?

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Render
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Plus Render (Image credit: @OnLeaks / Pigtou)

As we make our way further and further into 2020, we quickly inch closer to the launch of Samsung's Galaxy Note 20 family. The new Note is often one of the more exciting phone releases of the year, and for 2020, rumor has it that Samsung will launch a Note 20, Note 20+, and Note 20 Ultra.

A few of our AC forum members recently got to talking about the Note 20, with there being a bit of apprehension as to whether or not this year's Note will be worth getting.

Here's how some of that conversation went:

Getting this idea in my head that if the Note 20 Plus/Ultra isn't all that much of an upgrade from the Note 10 plus 5G and price between Fold 2 and N20 is only a couple of hundred, then why not just get the Fold and also keep the Note 10 plus. Anyone else not to excited for the Note 20 so far.


Fold has no S-Pen. Yes I am anxiously waiting for the N20 Ultra.


I'm underwhelmed with most of the Note 20 rumors/leaks. I've wanted a Fold since day one but still want to do some research on the Z Flip screen durability (so far) since the Fold 2 will use the same (or similar) screen. My dream is a "Note" Fold (like so many of us!). For now I'll stick with keeping my N10+.


Like the others, I'm underwhelmed by the 20. My hope was in the fold having a pen. When they said it(the fold) wouldn't, I resolved(more disappointed) myself to not buying a device this year. I do like the z flip also.. But.. Mehhhhh... lol


Now, we want to hear from you — Are you excited for the Galaxy Note 20?

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