Are you deserting Android for iPhone 4?

Android's ranks have grown over the past few months, that's for certain. We've bolstered our numbers with former members of the CrackBerry Nation, with iPhone faithful, the patient Palmsters and the long-suffering (OK, let's just call 'em "really, really patient") Windows Mobile users.

Any regrets? It stands to reason that one or two of you (and we know who you are) are going to defect back to the realm of Apple. And while we hate to see you do it (again, we know where you sleep), we'd like you to steer you away from some of the more nefarious sites out there, and instead point you toward our pals at TiPB, who have a handy guide for leaving the newest and greatest operating system and switching back to the OS that just got multitasking, doesn't let you have wallpaper and for whom tethering is still mainly a pipe dream. Anyhoo, check out TiPB's Guide for Switching from Android to iPhone 4. And tell 'em Android Central sent ya.

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Phil Nickinson