Are we finally getting used to notches?

Following the iPhone X's release in 2017, almost every Android OEM was in a rush to put a notch on their own phones. This was a pretty big design change compared to what we've been used to for so many years, and as expected, this caused a lot of commotion and irritation among some people.

However, now that it's been well over a year since the notch was popularized, have we grown used to it? Do we still hate it?

Here's what some Android Central forum members have to say.

I am fine either way. If it doesn't have one -- cool -- if it does have one -- cool.


There is no question that I will prefer a phone with a notch to a phone with large bezels. I remember when I had my Pixel 2 and decided I would go check out the iPhone X and my god, I felt like my Pixel was a phone from 2014. The notch isn't perfect but I will take it any day over thick bezels. I really think Google is being stubborn with their "front firing" speakers obsession. How tiny little...


The Pixel notch is the ugliest feature on a cellphone in the history of cellphones. The inclusion of that ugly, HUGE notch, i addition to the landing pad sized nottom bezel, created the ugliest, most ghastly phone of the decade. Good. Riddance.


Much as I despise the notch, I'd rather it than hole punches.


What about you? Are you getting used to the notch?

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Joe Maring

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