Are the Bose QC 35 earcups/pads replaceable?

Bose QC35
Bose QC35 (Image credit: Android Central)

Best answer: You can replace the Bose QC35's earcups, and to get the best deal, we recommend an excellent pair from Accessory House that costs just $20.

Amazon: Bose QC35 replacement ear cushions ($20)

Carefully follow the instructions

Replacing the earcups on the Bose QC35 isn't rocket science, but it's a process that should be handled with care.

Bose has an excellent step-by-step guide on its website, that walks you through exactly what to do, but it essentially breaks down into three main steps:

  1. Pull on the outer lip of the earcup — do not remove the lining material.
  2. Fit the replacement cup on the outer rim of the exposed speakers.
  3. Make sure the earcup is attached smoothly and snap it into place.

Don't rush yourself

While the process for replacing earcups on the Bose QC35 isn't all that difficult, make sure you don't rush yourself!

It can be easy to look at the instructions and try to blow through them as fast as you can, but this will only result in headaches and frustration.

Before you do anything, set aside enough time for yourself, take things nice and easy, and you'll be back to your tunes in no time at all.

Bose has an official pair, but it's a lot more expensive

Our top recommendation for QC35 replacement earcups comes from a third-party company by the name of Accessory House, but we also wanted to mention that Bose directly sells a pair of replacements, too.

While it's great to see Bose offering this directly, it didn't make our list as Bose's option costs more money and actually has worse reviews than the one from Accessory House. You can still check it out here if you're interested, but that wouldn't be our first pick.

Get back to your music

Damaged or worn out earcups can sorely ruin anyone's listening experience. Pick up a replacement pair before things get too bad and keep your music sounding as good as can be!

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