YouTube gives news stories a boost with a new watch experience

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What you need to know

  • YouTube is detailing a new dedicated news page users will soon find on mobile which will show additional stories for a topic in long-form or short-form videos.
  • These topics will be marked by a newspaper icon on the app's home screen so users know there is more to a story to unpack if they choose.
  • YouTube has also introduced a new Shorts Innovation Program for News as it looks to support organizations in creating meaningful short-form content for stories.

Even though YouTube feels more like a source of entertainment, the platform is calling attention to those looking for news stories with meaningful impact.

According to a YouTube blog post, the streaming service will introduce an "immersive watch page" for users on the app's home screen. YouTube states this dedicated news watch page for specific stories will display content pulled from authoritative sources that are streamed live or in long-form video formats for those looking to dig into the pudding of it.

Additionally, the page will support Shorts if viewers are looking to get the facts quickly.

This news-specific watch feature will roll out on mobile devices "over time" in an estimated 40 different countries. Once this happens, the YouTube app's home screen may sprinkle in a few news stories you may find important, with an accompanying newspaper icon letting you know there's more to uncover.

Tapping on these will expand on the topic, giving users a clear view of the aforementioned media formats compiled for easier discovery. YouTube hopes viewers will find this useful as it states they are "increasingly seeking out many different types of content."

This feature will arrive on desktop and smart TVs at a later unknown time.

Alongside giving viewers more ways to absorb important news content quickly (or in whatever manner they like), YouTube is launching the Shorts Innovation Program for News. Though YouTube is prioritizing over 20 organizations with a strong following and presence in the long-form content game, the purpose of this program is to boost their strength in short-form videos.

YouTube is spreading $1.6 billion across all 20 groups and 10 countries to help provide them with the resources they've previously lacked to create groundbreaking news stories in a shorter format.

A few of the organizations YouTube is preparing to work with over the coming year include Univision (U.S.), AFP (France), and Mediacorp (Singapore).

While it looks like we're going to have to wait a little while longer for this news update, YouTube detailed quite a few features arriving for its app and desktop version. Among them is a redesign for the Library tab on the mobile app, which will now be called "You." The new tab will host watch history, playlists, and channel information if you're a content creator.

Meanwhile, video watchers can enjoy player-specific updates such as an easier way to watch at 2x speed, screen lock, and more.

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    Translation: YouTube will start promoting only news sources that fit their narratives to go along with the censoring of real info in their new pseudo "news" page.