What are Chrome Web Store badges?

Google Chrome Web Store badges
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What are Chrome Web Store badges?

Best answer: Chrome Web Store badges are badges that publishers can earn for extensions. These verify that the extension is from a trusted source and reassures end users that it adheres to Google Chrome’s strict technical best practices. There are two types of Chrome Web Store badges: the Featured badge and the Established Publisher badge.

What the Chrome Web Store badges mean and how to earn them

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Google Chrome Web Store Featured badge

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The idea behind Chrome Web Store badges is to reward publishers that create extensions that make Chrome better and more user-friendly. They also offer much-deserved recognition for publishers that create great extensions that add value. 

Extensions that follow Google Chrome’s technical best practices and “meet a high standard of user experience and design,” says Google, can receive the Featured badge. Each extension is evaluated by members on the Chrome team to ensure they meet the standards before providing the badge. 

This includes providing an “enjoyable and intuitive experience. The extensions must also use the latest APIs and respect the privacy of users. The store listing page, meanwhile, needs to be clear and helpful, contain quality images, and include a detailed description of what it has to offer.

Google Chrome Web Store Established Publisher badge

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The second badge is the Established Publisher badge, which verifies a publisher’s identity and confirms that it complies with developer program policies. Any publisher whose identity can be verified and who has a consistently positive track record with Google services and the Developer Program policy can receive the Established Publisher badge. 

Once approved, the badges appear in the Google Chrome Web Store with the extension via distinctive icons. The Featured badge looks like a mini award ribbon and is accompanied by the word “Featured” while the Established Publisher badge is a blue checkmark inside a blue circle. 

Note that an extension has to be available on Google Chrome, one of the best Android browsers, for at least a few months to build some history before either badge will be granted. The badges cannot be bought. 

There is, however, a trial currently running on the One Stop Support page that allows developers to nominate extensions they believe should be highlighted as Featured ones. Only publishers can nominate their own extensions, and the extensions have to offer English language support, must be public, not have any active policy violations, and the core features must be accessible for free. 

There are lots of Google Chrome tips and tricks. Users can add the ability to search for Featured and Established Publisher badges for extensions to ensure they’re choosing the best of the best to that list.

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