Twitter begins testing CoTweets collaborative feature

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What you need to know

  • Twitter has begun rolling out a new collaborative feature to select users.
  • CoTweets will allow two people to create a tweet that will appear on both parties' timelines to their followers.
  • Twitter has also implemented ways to delete such posts if ties need to be severed.

Twitter is doing a bit of light testing on its social media platform with a new feature talked about a year ago. The social media platform has rolled out its new CoTweets feature to a select batch of individuals that allows you and another person to write a tweet together.

Twitter spokesperson, Joseph J. Nuñez, told The Verge, "we're continuing to explore new ways for people to collaborate on Twitter." Nuñez then elaborated a little by saying this new feature, in its testing phase, will show Twitter how, "people and brands may use this feature to grow and reach new audiences, and strengthen their collaborations with other accounts."

Twitter provides additional information through its help center about these new CoTweets. Seeing as this new feature is for two accounts to share the light, the company has created a nifty way of displaying both accounts' profile pictures simultaneously in the tweet. The two users' account names will also be displayed together when you're viewing the tweet.

Getting this to work is pretty simple. Twitter explains that the author of the tweet needs to invite the person they'd like to collaborate with. That person will then become a "co-author." Once that person accepts the invitation, that tweet will appear on both the authors' timeline for their followers and the one they invited. Twitter also ensures its platform users that, if they don't want to be associated with whomever they'd cotweeted with, they can delete the tweet like any other if they're the author

If you are not the author, Twitter implemented a way for you to "revoke" that original CoTweet. It'll then appear on the platform as a regular tweet one person (the author) created.

This new CoTweets feature is a step toward Twitter making it easier for companies and brands to better show their collaborative efforts. A new way of a company stretching its hands out to you via Twitter's ads that are much more apparent nowadays than before. The company does make mention of some shake-ups seeing as this is just a test. The social media platform is holding the "delete all CoTweets" card in their hands should they see fit once this testing ends.

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