Poll: Have you received the Android Auto Coolwalk redesign yet?

Android Auto coolwalk redesign
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After a lengthy wait, Google has finally launched a public beta of its new Android Auto redesign, dubbed "Coolwalk." The updated UI aims to make it easier to multitask while keeping the most important cards within your reach. The update is currently part of a beta program you have to sign up for, although the program is often full, making it difficult to enroll.

We're curious to know how many of you have been able to enroll and who has received the new Coolwalk UI.

We were supposed to see the Coolwalk update arrive over the Summer, but Google took extra time to improve the experience. As a result, there are some notable differences between the first unveiling of Coolwalk and what we have now in the beta.

The dynamic split screen is still there, adjusting to different screen sizes and display orientations. However, the Maps card has been moved closer to the driver's side for better reachability while navigating. The map also has a full-screen mode in case you don't want any distractions while navigating.

Android Auto Coolwalk details

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Other UI changes coming to Android Auto include the app dock at the bottom or on the side for quick access to certain apps. The notifications have also been minimized along the app dock. The new media card will show music and podcasts from apps like YouTube Music and also includes a swipeable UI that lets users view more options, such as recommendations from Google Assistant. The media card can also change size depending on your needs.

If you have received the new Coolwalk UI, sound of in the comments on the poll or on our socials, and let us know what you think of the redesign so far. Android Central will also be testing it out, so see if the long wait was worth it.

If you haven't had a chance to enroll, you can always check back in the Android Auto testing program to see if there are any openings. You can also check out our AAWireless review if wireless Android Auto is something you'd be interested in.

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