Android Auto is getting a big upgrade this summer to help keep your eyes on the road

Android Auto split screen mode
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What you need to know

  • Android Auto is receiving a new split screen mode this summer for all screen sizes.
  • Split Screen will enable users to have quick access to important features without needing to scroll throgh apps.
  • Google will also roll out contextual suggestions for music and messages with the help of Google Assistant.

Google I/O 2022 is still underway, with plenty of updates coming to various Google products and services. The company is already working on bringing Chromecast media streaming to Android Auto displays. Now, Google is highlighting more updates that drivers can expect this summer to make the UI much more intuitive.

On Thursday, Google announced a new split screen mode for Android Auto that will soon be available on all screen sizes. This will make it much easier to access some of the most-used features, so drivers don't have to fiddle around to find the best Android Auto apps. With the update, users will have quick access to navigation, communication, and media, right at their fingertips.

Android Auto split screen mode screen sizes

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Along with the new split screen mode, Android Auto will also leverage Google Assistant more to present drivers with contextual suggestions. This includes quick replies when messaging, returning missed calls, sharing expected arrival times, and even suggesting recommended songs to play.

These updates should make it easier to take full advantage of Android Auto while minimizing distractions. Google says these updates will arrive this summer.

For cars running Android Automotive with Google built-in, the company is giving users access to more media. Aside from the recently announced plan to enable Chromecast media streaming on car displays, the company is preparing to bring more video apps to cars with apps like YouTube (which Google previously announced), Tubi, Epix, and more. In addition, Google highlights its plan to bring browsing to cars so users can be entertained while parked. We've already seen this in action thanks to Vivaldi, and it seems Google wants to double down on its availability.

Android Automotive media

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Google says there are more than 150 million Android Auto-connected cars across the globe, and it's working on bringing more wireless connectivity with new models and devices like the Motorola MA1. For more details on these updates on Android for cars and more, you can check out the session below.

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