McLaren Racing expands its partnership with Google for the 2024 season

A close up of a tyre with the Google livery on it
(Image credit: McLaren Racing)

What you need to know

  • McLaren Racing and Google formed a multi-year partnership back in 2022, with McLaren using Android devices and the Chrome browser to support the team's operations. 
  • The partnership has been expanded and will now include the use of Google Cloud and Google Pixel devices.
  • Google branding will appear on McLaren’s Formula One and Extreme E team livery.

On 26 February, Google and McLaren announced that their ongoing partnership would be expanded. McLaren looks set to rely on even more of Google’s products and services to support the team in the coming season. 

The announcement, made at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, confirms that in addition to the use of Android devices and the Chrome browser that has been in place since 2022, 2024 will see McLaren also using Google Cloud and Google Pixel devices.

In a statement, McLaren said, "racing will leverage Google Cloud’s AI technologies to help visualize race data and provide insights across the team." AI will, it is said, “make processes more efficient and optimize resources…to gain a competitive edge." These technologies will be used both at the race track and at the McLaren Technology Centre.

The McLaren MCL38, McLaren's Formula One car for 2024

(Image credit: McLaren Racing)

As well as increased use of Google’s products, Google Chrome, Android, and Pixel branding will feature on McLaren’s new Formula One car, the McLaren MCL38, the overalls of the drivers and pit crew, and the team kit. Google Pixel branding will also feature on the Extreme E race car and the driver's race suits.

The collaboration between Google and McLaren has already borne fruit. In 2023, at the Qatar Grand Prix, McLaren was able to deliver a world-record pit stop time of just 1.8 seconds. 

"By seamlessly integrating the best of Google services…we believe these tools will help take McLaren's race day performance to new heights this season at every level of racing,” said Nick Drake, VP of global marketing at Google.

The McLaren F1 demo space is on hand at MWC from February 26 to 29 to demonstrate just how the team has incorporated Android technologies to aid their performance. 

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