Google Phone app found showcasing WhatsApp call logs in beta

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What you need to know

  • Google Phone app might soon add a WhatsApp call log next to the system call log.
  • An X user who has installed beta versions of WhatsApp and the Google Phone app has seen the feature in development.
  • It is still unclear whether it is a bug or an actual feature we could see soon.

New findings reveal that Google Phone could soon add a convenient feature that lets users see their WhatsApp call history directly on their phone app.

As noted by an X user, Kishore Krishna, the Google Phone app on his phone has started showing WhatsApp call logs alongside the regular calls made from the dialer app. The ability had been present for a while on Apple iPhones, and the Google Phone app opting for the same looks interesting.

Krishna further says that he found the feature as he was running both beta versions of Google Phone (Version 124.0.608164421-public beta) and WhatsApp beta (version It still needs to be determined which app update amongst the two has enabled the feature for the X user to show WhatsApp call history on the native phone app.

Mishaal Rahman further notes that Google has enabled third-party calling apps to log their call logs within the default system call log since Android 9. However, not many apps have taken advantage of it. With WhatsApp utilizing the ability, things could change among such apps, including video conferencing apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

While the feature looks to be in the testing phase, some users who responded to the above posts for Krishna and Rahman indicated they also noticed the call log feature in their respective Google Phone app. Another user commented that he had seen a Google Voice call and logged in to the dialer app, which is interesting.

Users in the comments have mixed reactions about this feature as some of them find it helpful while others feel it could make the otherwise clean Google Phone app quite cumbersome. 

It is still unclear whether Google is testing the feature in the beta for all such apps or whether it's just a bug from WhatsApp. Going by the wider sightings from the users, it could likely be a possibility shortly.

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