Google Messages is preparing to handle dual SIM for RCS

Google Messages
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What you need to know

  • Beta testers are seeing hints of multi-SIM RCS support in the Google Messages app, with checkboxes for each number replacing the lonely SIM icon.
  • Google had initially restricted RCS chats to the default or preferred call SIM, promising to expand support to other SIMs in the future.
  • That said, setting up the second number is currently not available for everyone, as Google has not activated the server-side elements for the feature.

Google Messages appears to be gearing up to support RCS on dual SIM, marking a departure from its previous limitation of one phone number.

A Reddit user unlocked this feature and posted a screenshot of it. Once you turn on RCS for both SIMs, you can easily switch between connections to send RCS messages.

Google Messages RCS chat settings showing support for dual SIM

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According to 9to5Google, the Google Messages beta version 20240102_00_RC01 has dropped hints that the messaging app is gearing up to support RCS on dual or multi-SIM cards. A peek inside the APK (Android Package) has revealed code strings linked to multi-SIM RCS support.

If you've got a dual SIM phone, you might notice multiple numbers in your RCS chat settings flaunting checkboxes. But don't start the celebration just yet. Google is not flipping the switch on the server-side element for dual SIM RCS just yet.

That said, Assemble Debug has got your back with a guide on unlocking unreleased features in Google Messages, all without the hassle of rooting your devices. If you're keen, just dive into their guide, and you'll be strutting around with dual SIM RCS support on your phone in no time.

Or, if you're patient enough, you can just kick back and wait for the dual-SIM RCS support to make its official debut on Messages. Given that it's causing a stir in beta and working for the early birds, it's a safe bet that Google has a plan to dish it out to everyone real soon.

Previously, Google Messages was a bit stingy with RCS chats, only letting you have the feature on one number. Right from the start, though, Google already teased us with the prospect of RCS support spreading the love to all of your SIMs in the future.

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