Google Contacts update integrates Google Assistant

Google Assistant
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What you need to know

  • Google Contacts App gets Google Assistant integration, allowing users to manage information.
  • This should help Google Assistant identify contacts and their relation to you.
  • The feature appears to be rolling out to more users.

Last week, the Pixel 7 series launch brought many new AI features for Google Assistant to keep devices connected. The features are exclusive to the Pixel 7 series; they might as well come to Pixel 6 devices, like the Pixel 6 Pro, later with Feature Drops. Meanwhile, a new Google Assistant feature is said to be taking off in the Google Contacts app.

Google Assistant is introducing a new card feature for the Google Contacts app (via Android Police). The card will store all the necessary information of a specific contact. It can be accessed through certain contact with information added from Google Assistant settings.

Since the voice assistant wouldn't necessarily know a contact's relationship to you — whether the person is your girlfriend, wife, mom, dad, or kid — users have to edit the specific contacts' relationship toggle as per their preferences. After which, you could simply tell the Assistant to "Call my wife," and it would immediately make a call to the right person.

To simplify this seemingly cumbersome process, Google Assistant's new card system will serve as a savior by holding relevant information and making it easily accessible from the contact's card. It can include details like the name of the person, their birthday, and the relationship just by telling the Assistant first and is later stored in a card format.

On your Android device, it further introduces a new "Assistant settings" section in the specific contact sheet. Tapping it would take you to your Google account's people page, wherein you could add or edit persons' details as per your choice.

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Mishaal Rahman, Esper's senior technical editor, also seems to have witnessed the new Assistant info card in his contact's card. We at Android Central have also noticed the new Assistant settings in the Google Contacts app on some of our devices, like the Pixel 6a. The rollout appears widespread, and Rahman suggests many users are experiencing the new in-app alerts suggesting the 'Assistant info' card.

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