Ask Jerry: Have a burning question about tech? Submit your questions for our new column

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Here at Android Central, we publish plenty of useful guides and editorial pieces to help you navigate the technology you use on a daily basis. However, sometimes, these may not be enough to answer specific Android/tech-related questions that you may have, whether it be advice on when you should buy a new phone or more in-depth questions about a feature on your phone. You might even be curious about the best ways to keep your data private and secure.

This year, we want to find a more direct way to help our readers take advantage of their technology, so we're starting a new column called Ask Jerry, where you can submit your questions to our own Jerry Hildenbrand, who will answer a few of your inquiries per week.

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As Android Central's resident tinkerer, Jerry loves to mess with electronics like the Raspberry Pi while shaking his fist toward the ether regarding tech practices and policies. As noted in his bio, "There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble."

Jerry waited in line to buy the first Android device, and ever since, he has been using it, writing about it, and loving Android for the past 15 years. He's also an electrical engineer with an emphasis on R&D and automation, which means he was using AI long before the internet jumped on the bandwagon. There's not much he can't over-engineer with a handful of parts and some blind determination, and he loves to tackle those difficult problems.

You may have read Jerry's work in his weekly Android & Chill column, which is one of the web's longest-running tech columns, where he discusses his thoughts on Android, Google, and all things tech. This is why Jerry is perfect to answer your questions about tech and hopefully break down complicated concepts and ideas or just make your life a little bit easier.

Here are some examples of questions you might want to ask:

  • How often should I be upgrading my phone?
  • What's the difference between LCD and OLED, and which is better?
  • Is generative AI something I should be concerned about?
  • Is sideloading safe?
  • Should I really be worried about TikTok sending my information to China?

Your questions can be about almost anything tech/Android-related, whether it's your phone, the internet, your computer, etc. — we want to tackle your burning questions. So, if you have a question about tech, whether big or small, please submit it to

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