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Apple blocks Galaxy Tab 10.1 sales in Australia

A federal court in Sydney ruled in favor of Apple in its ongoing patent war with Samsung, prohibiting the advertisement and sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia until the dispute is resolved or permission is given from the court. Previously scheduled for an "imminent" release, Samsung's latest tablet must now be given to Apple at least seven days prior to its Australian release for inspection. The court ruling has no impact on distribution in other countries, however it does represent the first of many international injunctions that Apple has filed against Samsung based on the alleged patent infringements of Galaxy devices on the iPhone and iPad. A court will further review the case on August 29 in Sydney and schedule a trial date if necessary.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • Guess Apple is trying to make Samsung's sales go down under.
  • Well when u clone some one else's property makes since to me.
  • copying?? honeycomb is nothing like IOS. and every single tablet/phone pretty much looks alike anymore
  • "Well when u clone some one else's property makes since to me." It's spelled 'sense', dumbass.
  • Even though the guy disgusts me as well, lets not bash one another over simple spelling errors. Its cheap, pointless and classless.
  • "It's cheap", not "Its cheap"
  • People, don't feed the trolls. Its evident that this guy does not know what he's talking about, so why waste the time and energy? Even if he doesn't know the true meaning of the word "clone"
  • *sense
  • "Samsung's latest tablet must now be given to Apple at least seven days prior to its Australian release for inspection." I bet apple just wants to have a superior product then what they can offer. And they are so cheap that they want it for free
  • Yeah but you can still get one out back!
  • Apple, Australian for bee-och.
  • Don't make me laugh so hard at work....Everyone is looking at me weird now.
  • Apple, Australian for bee-och. Ha Ha! Now your the weird guy at work.
  • Os is different yes there skin is mimics ios also but overall size and look is what apple is going after and just like there phones are cloned
  • Hmm, that's funny. I don't remember seeing any widgets on the iPad. Nor do I remember seeing any "home" or "back" buttons, or a search field, for that matter. I suppose you can put icons on the home screen on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Apple is mad that Samsung is beating them at their own game. Boy, am I glad I don't live in Australia. There is a reason that competition exists...
  • Apple is just a bunch of pussies. They see their products aren't selling as much as android so they resort to suing. These Apple fanboys accuse Google of stealing but all they truly did was use ideas from IOS in order to make a better more superior product. It may have started as stealing but it developed and became something completely different and yes superior. Maybe just my opinion and I expect Apple fanboys to think otherwise but this is the true reason Apple keeps suing. Yes, Apple made a really awesome piece of hardware that changed the world of smartphones but the iPhone couldn't be the best in everyone eyes. Something better is always created and I expect the same to happen to android some day but as much as Google had changed the Android OS you can't say they copied everything. Just as many other OS's they have similarities within each other. Edit: AND YES Samsung may have copied their iPhone design but not the iPad design so I don't know why this device is being held from being sold in Australia
  • Anyone who mistakes a Tab for an iPad is an idiot.
  • So to all the apple fanboys do some research apple copied samsung first back in 07 before the first iphone launched. Look at what samsung had then tell me apple didn't copy. Their products are losing ground so this is the only way to try and slow down android. What a joke apple and their isheep are becoming. Shit they Have been that way from the start. What happened to apple mocking android saying it had no chance and not sueing from the start? That's right because apple is getting their iphone spanked in sales from the gs2.
  • I wonder what laws Australia has with regards to prevention of monopolies.
  • Really they didn't clone the ipad. So Sam announces new tab it looks like xoom in thickness. Ipad2 is reqlesed sam sees how thin it is scraps there gtab and a few months later we have a new tab that is looking like ipad32
  • So how does it look like the iPad 2 when its thinner? Wheres the home button on the front? The back of the iPad 2 says Samsung on the back?
  • Improving your product to compete with the market leader is not copying that's just competition, something Apple obviously doesn't want.
  • You cant go from the drawing board to a mass release even if you did steal the idea. Samsung hsd this on the backburner for a ehile and just bumped it up. I love mine. And yes someone almost everyday says "the new ipad? How is it? "
  • You're right. They didn't clone the Ipad. They made a much better tablet. Now go back to blowing Steve jobs.
  • Can somebody please explain the similarities here and why any court would rule to block this? It looks nothing like an iPad, had no physical buttons on the front, is a different size and the minute the OS starts up it looks different. The back looks different and the device is thinner. And what is Apple going to inspect it for?? see how to make a real tablet?
  • nobody owns anything to themselves.
  • Don't forget the LG Prada as the first phone to copy the iPhone ( before the iPhone was invented).
    Apple has copied from others as much as others have copied from them. Ask hollywood it isn't coping it is inspired by. That is part of the nature of competition. The suits against Samsung over the"look" of the interface is silly. Touch interface devices can only be configured in so many ways without confusing the intuitiveness of the interface.
    Besides you can't patent 10 inches or thin. That is just competition... Company 1..I can make it 10mm.. Company 2..well I can make it 9mm.. Company 1.. well I can make it 9mm and add a kitchen sink.. so on and so fourth. Apple didn't invent the tablet either. They were just the first to market it heavily.
    Look and feel is laughable.. I guess next they'll sure offer Samsung's use of Samsung chips in a tablet device after all Apple did that first too.......
  • Does Apple think that this will make Android customers suddenly want an Ipad instead? I think it will have the opposite effect.
  • sounds like someone in Australia was paid off by Apple. This is such a bogus claim...
    Apple went to the weakest link who would play their games...and greased some palms to get this done. Australia happen to be the game willing to do it for the right amount of money.
    notice they didn't go to the U.S. nor did they go to Asia or england. this is not an IP issue, it is a money issue. Steve Jobs is making enemies...with all this stupidity. next he will say they patented the keyboard so no one else can type unless its an apple product that they are typing with... surprised they didn't try that b.s.
    Oh well, when you stacked up $76Billion in cash reserves, you can grease some good palms.
    I think people should ban Apple's iphone and tablets.
  • What a bitch move on Apple's part.
  • Apple 1
    Consumers 0 :(
  • I hate hardcore apple fans, you can point out the faults and they ignore it like westburo baptist church.....
  • So true!!!!! The rabid Apple fanatic is very much like those quacks from that church. I saw it somewhere in fact reading online that Apple fans react to it like a religion... Which tells you something about those folks & their simple minded views of the company they worship.
  • On ios5, isn't apple copying android with the notification bar at the top? They can block stuff all they want, I still won't buy one of their products!
  • ...And yet iOS5's main feature is Android's notification bar. Interested to see how that goes. What I'd be really interested though, is to see how Apple reacts/reacted upon discovering MIUI.
  • I hope the get sued by Android or have a product ban.
  • I haven't posted anything in a while but when I saw this, I got a little agitated. No major Android manufacturing company has anything that closely resembles a shitpad. The judge must be blind because the dimensions, thickness, screen aspect ratio, buttons, screen type, OS, and hardware are all different. This kind of news makes me regret saying I kind of wanted an iPhone 4 earlier this week.
  • Samsung to turnover to Apple prior to launch?!?! What about Samsung's patent rights? Sounds like the fruit is doing a great job of being a monopoly in Aussie land!
  • t's just Apple bashing who they can - you can already go into most stores that sell computers and but a Motorola Zoom, Acer Iconia A500/501, Asus Eee pad Transformer, and the older Samsung Galaxy tab (7"). The Xoom is the only other one currently with coming on a plan with a Mobile Phone provider, the others are outright. It is funny using the Iconia in public when people look over your shoulder and say "wow, I didn't know you could do that on an iPad...." I'll say just one word.... "widgets"
  • Another day, another ridiculous Apple lawsuit.
  • These are the Australian patents Apple alleges Samsung infringed:
    Standard Patents
    - 2008201540: List scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display
    - 2005246219: Multipoint touchscreen
    - 2007283771: Portable electronic device for photo management
    - 2009200366: List scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display
    - 2007286532: Touch screen device, method and graphical user interface for determining commands by applying heuristics
    Innovation Patents
    - 2008100283: List scrolling and document translation, scaling, and rotation on a touch-screen display
    - 2008100372: Electronic device for photo management
    - 2009100820: Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image
    - 2008100419: Unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image
    - 2008101171: Portable electronic device for imaged-based browsing of contacts Read more: So I ask again, why isn't Apple suing Asus/Motorola/Acer ?
  • Assuming all these Patents are legit I'm sure that someone before apple has used these things so why isn't anyone suing them? because they're turning into yet another bully, especially when it comes to the way they're treating samsung.
  • Stupid Apple, they obviously didn't complain about the 10.1v coz I got it months ago, they should at least be consistent :p They're obviously afraid that the GT is better otherwise they're convinced that nothing is better than an ipad and therefore if anyone wants to buy anything else then it must be a clone. Like "hey they made a tablet that is the same screen size as ours its a copy" I bet they haven't even had a look at one >:(
  • All of you are ignorant you guys just don't know the rules. When apple copies it is not called copying its called "magic" or "innovation". When another company copies a random company its not big deal. However if that company copies apple in the slightest then its bloody murder and time to call the lawyers. I am sorry but this is the way it is perceived by a certain group and is confused as fact.
  • It is unfortunate that the patent battle between Apple and Samsung have gone to this point. Although, it's hard to deny that some of Samsung's products do resemble Apple's pretty closely. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. At the rate this is going, the consumers will emerge as the losers in this case."
  • Apple, I live in Australia and I will never buy one of your products. Leave us alone, we don't the stupid fights that we regularly see in the USA on our shores. We have already picked up enough bad habits from our USA friends.
  • We have too. There are still morons running around dressed like Crocodile Dundee, and quoting Steve Irwin. Thanks for the blooming onion also. Exactly what our country needed. A big ball of onion rings. Oh, and you can gladly take Mr. Gibson back any day now.:) Before you get too angry about the blooming onion, I know it isn't Australian. Most Americans think it is since Outback Stakehouse made it famous. I just couldn't resist the joke.