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Google Play Music

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Google Play Music is a multi-use app that both comes as a pre-installed music app on all Google-certified Android devices but can also be installed and updated from the Play Store on older devices. It works with music files that have been loaded on your phone manually, with streaming from your own collection uploaded to Google Play Music, with purchased music from the Play Store or even through a paid monthly subscription service to access even more music.

All Access is Google's subscription music service that lives within Google Play Music, giving users access to millions of songs for a flat monthly fee of $10. Those who subscribe to Google Play Music All Access have the ability to stream, download, create playlists and share tracks, regardless of whether they actually own them or are simply accessing them with their monthly subscription. All Access can be used across 10 devices tied to a single account, but playback is limited to one device at a time.

Google Play Music has evolved pretty dramatically since its first unveiling in mid-2011 when it came as an invite-only service, but is well-regarded as being a great all-in-one app choice for music lovers of all kinds. On September 29, 2015, Google announced the Google Play Music Family Plan, which allows families to use the service on up to six devices for $14.99 per month.


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Google Play

Rebranded Google Play apps starting to push out already

The ink is hardly dry on the new Google Play signage, and newly rebranded Google Play apps are already starting to drop into the Android Market Google Play Store Android apps section. (See, isn't that easier to say?) Google's Music, Videos and Books apps will update and rebrand themselves to Play...
Google Music deal

Google offering 29 albums for $2.99 in honor of the leap year

Google is offering 29 music albums priced at $2.99 in honor of the leap year in the Android Market. The albums range from Rihanna to Pink Floyd to Bob Marley, so everyone will likely be able to find something that fits their taste. Google introduced Google Music last year and this is a good way to...
Android Central

Cloud Music Sniper brings your Google Music library to any music player

There is absolutely no doubt that Google Music is a fantastic service to have, if slightly limiting at times. The music stored in your cloud locker is only ever available to the official Google Music app which is frustrating for some. Oh for a world where Poweramp or Winamp could access all that...
Music Manager

New version of Google Music Manager allows easy downloading of purchased tracks

Here at AC, we love Google Music, and some of us have it cranked high all day long while the lovingly sweet sounds of Led Zepplin or Motorhead coax us through the workday.  But I digress, and maybe that's only me.  We especially love it when changes get made to makes things easier, and today is a...
Google Music

Google Music updated in Android Market, fixes bugs in shuffling songs and multiple accounts

Google Music has been updated to version 4.1.512, bringing fixes to shuffle mode and fixes for folks using multiple Google accounts.  The update looks to be across the board for all devices running Android 2.2 or higher, so be sure to check and see if your copy is up-to-date.  We love Google Music...
Google Music at Android Market

FYI: Last day for Google's 49-cent MP3, $4.99 album blowout in the Android Market

Just a quick heads up that today is the last day for Google's music blowout, in which albums are going for as low as $4.99 and individual songs are going for, well, a song, at 49 cents each. Selection varies as we're very much missing WMG from from the lineup. But a $5 album is a $5 album. Be sure...
Phil's Apps for 2011

Phil's most-used Android apps of 2011

We go through a lot of Applications here at Android Central. Some are good. Some ... not so good. Some are awesome, but I don't need them. Here's a look at the apps that get me through the day, whether it's at home or on the road. 1. Twitter - Switching from Seesmic to Tweetdeck I used to be a...
Android Central

Google Music opens up to everyone ... if you're in the US

Google Music has gone and gotten itself an update in the Market, and that Beta tag has finally been lost. That's right folks, invitations are no longer required and Google Music is open to all.  Open to all though still only applies if you're within the U.S., so for the rest of us, there's still...
Google Music Top Albums

Google Music Top 10 albums and songs - Dec. 4, 2011

  Here's a look at the top 10 albums and songs as seen in the Android Market for the week starting Dec. 4, 2011. Mostly just a rearrangement from last week's top songs and albums. Top 10 albums Take Care - Drake 21 - Adele Brussels Affair (Live 1973) - The Rolling Stones Mylo...
Android Central

Google Music Top 10 albums and songs - Nov. 20, 2011

Music's been live for purchase in the Android Market for less than a week, so things no doubt will be a bit skewed -- and remember that one of the major labels -- Warner Music Group -- isn't selling its artists with Google. But let's take at what's on top for the week beginning Nov. 20. Top 10...
Google Music on Google TV

Google Music now available for Google TV

Google TV is finally starting to grow up, now that the Honeycomb update is rolling out. And following yesterday's Google Music announcement, you can now stream all of your music to the updated Google Music app for Google TV. Presumably your TV's hooked up to at least a decent stereo. If not, well...
Android Market

Updated Android Market with Google Music now rolling out in earnest

Google said it could be days, but it looks like a good many of you -- and a number of our own devices -- are starting to see the Android Market update with Google Music. Odd that the version number of the Market app didn't change, but we're not going to worry about that. Note that you'll also have...
Google Music apps

First look at the updated Google Music app

Here we have our first look at the new and improved Google Music app, which -- surprise, surprise -- is pretty much what we saw tucked into an early Ice Cream Sandwich build. Really, not a whole lot has changed in the whole Google Music experience as far as using the app goes. It's been spruced up...
T-Mobile content

T-Mobile offers more free tracks via Google music store to customers until the end of the year

Just in case you thought today's Google Music news couldn't get any better, T-Mobile has announced that they have partnered with Google and will be offering additional free tracks to their subscribers from now until the end of this year.  Customers using a T-Mobile handset, like the Samsung Galaxy...
Android Central

Details released on current regional limitations of Artist Hub

As with much of today's Google Music announcement, the new Artist Hub service is also subject to some regional limitations at present.  At launch, to upload and publish music through the Artist Hub, you must be a resident of the United States and its territories. The full list is as follows: ...
Google Music App

Updated Google Music app now available

The updated Google Music app -- part of what you'll need to take part in all this newfangled digital music goodness -- is now live in the Android Market. If you're into changelogs, it reads as follows: 1. Google Music is now out of beta and is open to all users without an invitation. Upload up...
Android Central

Music now live in Android web market

Fresh from today's Google Music announcement, the music for purchase is now live in the desktop Android Market.  The exclusive content, along with the large selection of free music are all there, ready for you to download at your leisure. Please do remember that it is at present only showing up in...
Artist Hub

Google Music Artist Hub allows independent artists full distribution to millions

This one is big news for the budding musicians out there -- Google has announced that the Artist hub will be part of their new Music player and website.  Artist Hub is a way for independent musicians to promote their music with audio files, video, and exclusive content that they control.  It's...
Google Music

EMI, Universal, Sony and many more on board to provide content for Google Music

In order to make the new Google Music a success, it'll need great content providers and there is no shortage of those already on board. EMI, Universal, Sony and hundreds of indie labels and artists have signed on for the service and many more are planned for the future. Aside from offering already...
Exclusive content

Google Music to offer exclusive content from big artists

One of the features Google is offering to entice customers in the new revamped Google Music is exclusive content. Exclusive songs and albums from major artists is always something we like, so I think they're onto something here. Among the artists putting out exclusive content on Google Music are...