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Google Play Music

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Google Play Music is a multi-use app that both comes as a pre-installed music app on all Google-certified Android devices but can also be installed and updated from the Play Store on older devices. It works with music files that have been loaded on your phone manually, with streaming from your own collection uploaded to Google Play Music, with purchased music from the Play Store or even through a paid monthly subscription service to access even more music.

All Access is Google's subscription music service that lives within Google Play Music, giving users access to millions of songs for a flat monthly fee of $10. Those who subscribe to Google Play Music All Access have the ability to stream, download, create playlists and share tracks, regardless of whether they actually own them or are simply accessing them with their monthly subscription. All Access can be used across 10 devices tied to a single account, but playback is limited to one device at a time.

Google Play Music has evolved pretty dramatically since its first unveiling in mid-2011 when it came as an invite-only service, but is well-regarded as being a great all-in-one app choice for music lovers of all kinds. On September 29, 2015, Google announced the Google Play Music Family Plan, which allows families to use the service on up to six devices for $14.99 per month.


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Google Music App

Updated Google Music app now available

The updated Google Music app -- part of what you'll need to take part in all this newfangled digital music goodness -- is now live in the Android Market. If you're into changelogs, it reads as follows: 1. Google Music is now out of beta and is open to all users without an invitation. Upload up...
Android Central

Music now live in Android web market

Fresh from today's Google Music announcement, the music for purchase is now live in the desktop Android Market.  The exclusive content, along with the large selection of free music are all there, ready for you to download at your leisure. Please do remember that it is at present only showing up in...
Artist Hub

Google Music Artist Hub allows independent artists full distribution to millions

This one is big news for the budding musicians out there -- Google has announced that the Artist hub will be part of their new Music player and website.  Artist Hub is a way for independent musicians to promote their music with audio files, video, and exclusive content that they control.  It's...
Google Music

EMI, Universal, Sony and many more on board to provide content for Google Music

In order to make the new Google Music a success, it'll need great content providers and there is no shortage of those already on board. EMI, Universal, Sony and hundreds of indie labels and artists have signed on for the service and many more are planned for the future. Aside from offering already...
Exclusive content

Google Music to offer exclusive content from big artists

One of the features Google is offering to entice customers in the new revamped Google Music is exclusive content. Exclusive songs and albums from major artists is always something we like, so I think they're onto something here. Among the artists putting out exclusive content on Google Music are...
Google Music

Google revamps Google Music with an actual store

As expected, Google this afternoon revamped Google Music, taking it out of beta, making it available to everyone -- and bringing online purchasing into the fold. That is, if you're in the United States. And outside of purchasing music, the service will remain free. "For music fans, we believe...
Google Music

Reminder: Google Music event live today at 5 p.m. EST / 2 p.m. PST

Just a quick reminder that Google's cranking things up to 11 this afternoon in Los Angeles, and it's inviting everyone along with them. You, too, can watch in the comfort and safety of your own home as Google announces ... something ... related to music. All bets are on a proper music store, with...
Google Music

Leaked screen shots show possible look into future of Google Music

Spanish-language site TecnoDroidve, thanks to some "tricks and beginner's luck" apparently has stumled head-first into the phone-facing portion of how Google is expected to sell music. In a series of convincing screen shots, we get a sense of what is expected to be announced Wednesday in Los...
Google Music

More clues hinting towards a Google Music store uncovered

Grab your phone, make sure you're not signed into your Google account in the browser, and head to  You'll see the above, with a big fat (non-working) link to the Android Market's music page (  It doesn't take much imagination to see how this...
Android Central

MP3 purchases from Google are 'close,' Rubin says

So we didn't see any updates to Google Music this week like so many of us had hoped there would be. But Andy Rubin has said that Google is "close" to being able to offer a bona fide MP3 store.  Speaking at the AsiaD conference, he recognised the lack of such content as a key "missing ingredient"...
Lloyd can jam

Google opening their own MP3 store? [rumors]

According to the New York Times, Google executives have claimed that they will be opening a Google Music MP3 store in the coming weeks.  Likely to be connected to the current Google Music Beta offering, the service would compete with Apple and Amazon to allow users to purchase and store music...
new ICS apps

New Google Music and Google+ apps found in Ice Cream Sandwich build

The fellows at Android Police have their hands on a couple new apps from the Ice Cream Sandwich build that's floating around out there (how 'bout a dump for the community, Mr. Anon?), and with it comes with new Google Music and Google+ apps.  The new music app has a bit of a UI makeover, with more...
Google Music Manager for Linux

Google Music Manager now available for Linux

Google has (finally) released the Music Manager PC client for Linux, meaning work-arounds like WINE are no longer necessary.  You can download pre-packaged binaries in either .rpm or .deb format, ready to install on many popular Linux systems.  This is a closed source project, so if you're not...
Amazon offline

Cloud music: Google Music Beta vs. Amazon Cloud Player vs. iTunes in the cloud vs. Microsoft Zune Pass vs. Best Buy Music Cloud

         Apple’s WWDC keynote was earlier this month, and it was largely focused on their new cloud initiative, fittingly named iCloud. One of the big features of iCloud, naturally, is its iTunes integration, giving us another cloud-based music solution to choose from. This comes on the heels of...
Google Books in the UK

Google Books headed to UK phones?

Don't take this as gospel, but it looks like certain Nexus S users are able to download the latest offerings of Books and Music from the Android Market.As of now it's hard to tell if this is some sort of glitch or if it signifies an impending UK rollout, but if you're a Nexus S user in the UK, keep...
Google Music Manager for Ubuntu

Using Google Music Manager on Ubuntu made easy

We all love Google's new cloud music service, but I'm not loving that Linux was forgotten when the Music Manager client was written.  It's one of those things where I'll have to sit down and configure Wine (a helper application that runs Windows applications on Linux) to run it, and I don't have...
Music Squashing Bugs

Google's Music app updated, brings welcomed changes

Google released the first update to their new Music app today bringing it up to version 3.0.1.  In this rendition, the ability to delete songs stored on the SD card was added and it brought about some bug fixes as well.  Our tipster, Adam, is reporting that the new update has eliminated some force...
Music beta by Google

Music beta invites rolling out, inboxes refreshed en masse

We got our first look at Google Music Beta at Google IO this year, and it looks like some who requested invites are finally starting to see a response. Your Google Music Beta invite nets you just one invite (none to give out) that works across all your 2.2+ devices.Uploading is done through the...
Google Music Beta

First Look at Google Music Beta

We're in the middle of uploading a couple songs to Google Music Beta, the new streaming music service Google announced today at the Google IO developer conference. The process as it stands today is pretty straightforward. You download a helper app which finds and then uploads your music to your...
Android Central

Music Beta video posted by Google, reminds us that no cables are needed

Google officially unveiled it's Google Music Beta service this morning. The cloud based service is launching today for those select few at Google I/O and those receiving invites to the beta. And, of course, as with any other Google product launch, there's a nice little video to go with that launch...