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Apex Legends

Needs no introduction


Apex Legends is one of the best Battle Royale games we've played. The pace and variety of characters make for fun games almost every time and make it stand out from other Battle Royales on the market. We could do with some new content though.

Free at PlayStation Store


  • Excellent 3-player game
  • Fast paced
  • Characters to fit all play styles
  • Respawn points


  • Only one map
  • Small collection of weapons right now

Fortnite is the biggest game on the planet right now and is one of the only fully cross-compatible games around. We just wish the microtransactions weren't so blatant.

Free at PlayStation Store


  • Massive player base
  • Awesome building mechanic
  • Cross-play
  • Fun timed events


  • Slow action
  • The constant push to sell you things

Both Apex and Fortnite are excellent Battle Royale games and can be played by just about anyone. If you want a slightly more relaxed game with more comic graphics and an excellent build mechanic, go for Fortnite. If you are looking for fast-paced, squad-based action then Apex Legends is likely for you. Both are free to play but both have microtransactions, so hold on to your wallets.

What is a Battle Royale game?

Battle Royale is a style of game that pits a large number of players against each other in a deathmatch style free-for-all. As the game plays out, people are eliminated until only one player, or one squad is the winner. Both Apex Legends by Respawn and Fortnite by Epic Games are Battle Royale games.

What's Apex Legends like?

In Apex Legends you work as a 3-player team to beat the other 20 teams — there are around 60 players total in an Apex match, unlike the possible 100 players in a Fortnite match. There's only one map and it's quite small, which makes the game feel far more frantic than Fortnite since you're always running into other teams.

You're also on a time crunch that adds to the action in Apex Legends and gives you a sense of urgency. Fortnite, on the other hand, feels almost leisurely at times.

There's only one map in Apex Legends and it's quite small, which makes the game feel frantic.

Apex Legends has a group of characters for you to play called, you guessed it, Legends. These legends have their own distinctive gameplay mechanics, perks, and vulnerabilities that make normal play a unique challenge. They also have distinct personalities and dialogue, so players can connect to a Legend on more personal levels.

Because Apex is exclusively squad-based, choosing your Legend is important, and you need to think about your team and what position they might need to fill. No one else is a healer? That's probably the position you need to fill.

One of our favorite parts of Apex is the ability to respawn. Because the game is squad-focused you can not only revive squadmates who fall during battle, but you can also pick up their squad card and take it to a respawn location if they die. However, it's not easy to respawn someone and takes time and skill. The way it's done makes it fun to attempt and never feels like it's interrupting the game.

Fortnite now has that ability as well, but most people seem to be ignoring it so far. The slower pace of Fortnite makes getting in to pick up a respawn card extremely tough without being shot up yourself.

What's Fortnite like?

As we previously discussed, Fortnite has a much slower pace than Apex, but it also has a super unique mechanic: building. This allows Fortnite to stand out in the Battle Royale genre, making it a very different game to play than Apex or even Player Unknown: Battlegrounds (PUBG) — the other big name in Battle Royale.

The slower pace of Fortnite allows for some really fun building mechanics. You always have a pickaxe with you, which you can use it to smash objects to collect building supplies — almost like Minecraft. Once you have some supplies you can start to build walls, slopes, and roofs to protect you from attack, or give yourself the advantage of high ground.

Having a huge community to play with in Fortnite makes any game more fun.

Another big draw to Fortnite right now is the crowds of people playing. Having a huge community to play with makes any game more fun, and the knowledge that anytime you want to play there will be a full server is comforting. Epic Games has taken advantage of this community to create limited-time events and hangout spaces in-game that allow you to chill with friends. It even held a concert on a server once, which you can't say about any other online game.

Of course, the biggest selling point for Fortnite right now is cross-play. Fortnite is one of only a handful of games that can be played across PlayStation 4 and other platforms such as Xbox One or Nintendo Switch.

In fact, it could be argued that without the massive popularity of Fortnite we may never have seen cross-play become a reality. Being able to play a game like Fortnite with 100 players from almost any gaming platform is huge.

Apex Legends Fortnite
View First-person Third-person
Maps One One
Microtransactions Yes Yes
Cross-play No Yes
Building No Yes
Respawns Yes No
Player count 60 100

Both of these games are a lot of fun to play and although they are both the same genre, they are very different games. I love the squad-based gameplay of Apex Legends — working in a team is always fun, and choosing your character based on the need of the squad makes the game feel fresh time and again — but the building mechanic in Fortnite is fun as well. Then there's the huge player base in Fortnite, which guarantees there will always be people to play with.

The elephant in the room

Both Apex and Fortnite are free to download but that doesn't mean they aren't monetized. Both games use microtransactions to sell you cosmetics — don't worry, neither game allows you to get an advantage by paying, they only make you look awesome — and honestly, a lot of them are quite cool. It all can get quite expensive though.

I find Fortnite's microtransactions to be more obtrusive, but that's just me. Both games don't shy away from trying to sell you stuff and you really can ignore it completely if you want to.

The best way we have found to keep microtransaction to a reasonable amount is with gift cards. Buying separate cards rather than having your credit card on file is much safer. Kids have been known to "accidentally" spend hundreds of dollars buying cosmetics on Fortnite, so having a finite amount of money makes a lot of sense. It's also a good idea for adults who might want to limit their spending.

Battle Royale at its best

Apex Legends Apex Coins

Get those Apex packs!

Apex Coins let you buy skins, emotes, and even new characters in Apex Legends so it's worth picking up a few early on. These cards are the safest way to that.

Safe and secure

PlayStation gift card

Keep your credit card away from Fortnite

It's so easy to get carried away with buying cosmetics that you can spend hundreds of dollars very quickly, especially if your child is playing the game and not you. A gift card means they can only spend what's on the card, nothing else.

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