Announcing the Smartphone Round Robin!

(Instead of giving you a roundup of last week's news, today I'm excited to give you a glimpse into the news you're going to see at our Smartphone Experts sites over the next two months! -- Dieter)

We are pleased to announce the Smartphone Round Robin!. Each year the editors of the Smartphone Experts family of sites literally trade their phones to see what life is like on the "other side." What you're going to see over the course of the next two months is each of our five SPE Community Editors reviewing smartphones that they're not used to using. Each editor has a checklist of "Must-Dos" that ensure they're getting the full experience with each smartphone. It's quite a ride.

Read on for more on the Smartphone Round Robin and for details on how you can win one of five Smartphone Prize Packs!

More importantly for you, at the end of the Smartphone Round Robin we will be giving away five smartphones -- one from each site! All you need to do to qualify is post a response to any official Round Robin thread in our forums or comment on a Round Robin blog post (with a valid email address). Be sure to check out the Full contest rules for more information. Huge thanks go out to our Round Robin Sponsors: Palm, Celio (makers of the Redfly), Case-Mate (opens in new tab), and Smartphone Outlet. Here's what you can win:

So don't just sit back and watch -- participate! You can check out a full list of all of the latest Blog posts and Forum posts on our Smartphone Round Robin Updates Page. There are chances to chat and win right now as our editors have already started asking questions in our forums. Finally, if you're an RSS user, you can track the whole event from our RSS Feed or even get daily email updates.

So head on into our forums and help us out this week and every week through the end of the year -- there's no better way to both spread the word about your favorite Smartphone or to learn more about what those other smartphones are all about. Or heck, we'll kick things off here too, this is an official Round Robin post, comment here for your chance to win a T-Mobile G1

Dieter Bohn
  • Hello Androidikas (quote Rene Ritchie)! For 1 month, Iwill live among you, seeing your ways and... yah.... Lol.
  • i would love to have this phone....this phone beats anything i could get. hopefully my luck will change and ill get this and finally get some 3g love from tmo :D
  • This is a really cool idea! I am pretty happy with my Blackberry Curve, but I am very tempted by the G1. I have been reading everything I can find about it, and it's probably only a matter of time before my gadget lust gets the best of me!
  • I'm very intrigued by Android, but am unfortunately chained to at&t. Please pick me for the G1 so I can see what it's all about. Thanks.
  • I would rather have the G1 than my Pearl
  • Look forward to reading this, I only have a few months left before my att contract is up and android is calling.
  • ohhhhhhhhh g1 please. i always thought this device was not the most attractive until i played with my friends. the pictures do not do it justice. it looks great but most importantly FEELS great. i love the trackball, i use it instead of the screen when i use the phone and i love the functionality. i loved the sidekcik and this phone reminds me of it but with so many more features and the new andriod operating system which is simple but awesome. oh pick me pick me !!!!!!
  • The G1 looks awesome from what I've seen using it hands-on. Tons of potential while still having blow-you-mind functionality and graphics out of the box. Being able to choose between the trackball and touch screen at your leisure rocks.
  • Great idea, i'm curious on how the new Android OS competes with the other guys. Can't get a G1 here so hoping i can get my hands on one.
  • I look forward to seeing some reviews of the Android, it looks quite interesting.
  • awesome contest! I guess its about time to get rid of my old RAZR V3 and have the G1 in my hands :)
  • g1 is going to win !!!!!
  • im excited
  • g1