Android users supposedly getting less sex than iPhone, BlackBerry owners

... And I call BS, but more on that later. So, the folks over at OkCupid just put up an interesting article about ways to avoid "being ugly." From their data as seen above, they are recommending that users steer away from Android devices because Android users seem to get less action than their iPhone (and BlackBerry) counterparts. Who knows, maybe it is because we have porn. Join me past the break and we can discuss this a bit more, shall we? But for now, fill out our handy (and anonymous!) quick poll. [OkCupid via TiPB]

Many of you may not know much about me, so let me get into that a little bit first. I am a junior Computer Science major at Virginia Tech (we are gonna kill Boise St, just sayin') with a Droid Incredible and a 2007 MacBook Pro. I live in dorms with the section of society that is arguably getting the most action: male college students, and most of them are in far less geeky majors than I. And you know what? The number of Android users absolutely blows away the number of iPhone users. Honestly, its not even close. 

On Facebook, it's even more apparent as people I know from high school that now go to other colleges are factored in. I see posts from "Facebook for Android" constantly; the iPhone is a rare show. Practically every week, I see someone posting "Got a Droid!" or something similar.

On a personal note, my ex has gotten a Droid since we broke up. I recall showing it to her when it got announced last year, and she was all over it. I think that people my age (early 20s, late teens) are just now entering the market for a smartphone. Either they are paying their own bill, or Mom and Dad are willing to pony up for the data plan now that they are in college. Many are coming from dumb phones (env3 in my case) and are more tech savvy than people even five or 10 years older. Remember, we have grown up with texting, Youtube, and Facebook. 

So go ahead, iPhone users, gloat about how much superficial sex you are having along with your superficial phone. Everyone knows women (guys too... well, some) end up looking for substance when they want to settle down, and our exploding Android user-base will be there for them when they do. And fellas, all those iFart apps won't impress her; Android's bigger screens will. 


But, that is my (lengthy) opinion. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments! 

Kyle Gibb