Android users supposedly getting less sex than iPhone, BlackBerry owners

... And I call BS, but more on that later. So, the folks over at OkCupid just put up an interesting article about ways to avoid "being ugly." From their data as seen above, they are recommending that users steer away from Android devices because Android users seem to get less action than their iPhone (and BlackBerry) counterparts. Who knows, maybe it is because we have porn. Join me past the break and we can discuss this a bit more, shall we? But for now, fill out our handy (and anonymous!) quick poll. [OkCupid via TiPB]

Many of you may not know much about me, so let me get into that a little bit first. I am a junior Computer Science major at Virginia Tech (we are gonna kill Boise St, just sayin') with a Droid Incredible and a 2007 MacBook Pro. I live in dorms with the section of society that is arguably getting the most action: male college students, and most of them are in far less geeky majors than I. And you know what? The number of Android users absolutely blows away the number of iPhone users. Honestly, its not even close. 

On Facebook, it's even more apparent as people I know from high school that now go to other colleges are factored in. I see posts from "Facebook for Android" constantly; the iPhone is a rare show. Practically every week, I see someone posting "Got a Droid!" or something similar.

On a personal note, my ex has gotten a Droid since we broke up. I recall showing it to her when it got announced last year, and she was all over it. I think that people my age (early 20s, late teens) are just now entering the market for a smartphone. Either they are paying their own bill, or Mom and Dad are willing to pony up for the data plan now that they are in college. Many are coming from dumb phones (env3 in my case) and are more tech savvy than people even five or 10 years older. Remember, we have grown up with texting, Youtube, and Facebook. 

So go ahead, iPhone users, gloat about how much superficial sex you are having along with your superficial phone. Everyone knows women (guys too... well, some) end up looking for substance when they want to settle down, and our exploding Android user-base will be there for them when they do. And fellas, all those iFart apps won't impress her; Android's bigger screens will. 


But, that is my (lengthy) opinion. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments! 

  • could be cuz we have def go with that.
  • meh. I have an Android, I have been married for over 7 years (faithfully), and get plenty-o-sex from the wifey! By the chart, it looks like BlackBerry and iPhone users are sluttier than us Android users. Look at how many more "sexual partners" they have. I don't know about you, but I am proud to say I only have ONE sexual partner who is my wife. This is a dumb article, but I wanted to put in my two cents and point out that man-whores and she-skanks use iPhones and BlackBerries ... according the to chart. LOL
  • I considered putting "sluttier" into the post, but thought better of it =P. Good call though lol.
  • I agree, more partners != more sex.
  • Just more risk. But you expect that from iPhone users for whom looks are all that matter.
  • I guess this calls for a new survey. Findings: Iphone Users = More likely to get an STD.
  • I get laid all the time and I have a Droid. But my wife is a nymphomaniac. Oh yeah and she's got a Droid too.
  • you nailed it, man! I'm a lot older than you guys. I'm married, monogamous, and have more sex than most single people. 3 - 5 x per week. The downside is I still have a Blackberry.
    I figure if my "opportunities" go down it'll be because the BB didn't have nearly the "toys" available and I'm not bored waiting on the browser. LOL!
  • Sorry that was supposed to be for the dude down one... (Phillip)
    But you have it right as well. :)
  • Same here on all points except we're sporting an EVO and Moment. We have more sex than any of our friends/acquaintances that have iphones, blackberries and anything else.
  • I'd like to ask them some questions... 1) Do they survey ONLY 30+ y/o users?
    a) If not, then how to they account for the lower opportunity granted to younger users. i.e. a 30 y/o has had more chances to have sex than a 20 y/o. 2) What percentage of respondents is in a committed, monogamous relationship? and on a completely arbitrary note... 3) Why don't I know any of the women they surveyed! Across the board women have more sexual partners than men...!
  • nm
  • There is no way in hell this poll can even dream of being accurate. :p
  • Exactly.. Call me what you want but i was in my teens before i hit 21.. Just saying..
  • Post supposed to be for 1 down.. Sorry.
  • I think these numbers are embarrassing for all involved. 6 to 9 partners by the age of thirty? call me a slut but I had almost twenty or more by that age.
  • slut. :p Yeah this is BS, but I wonder how many on here it accurately describes.
  • It's apple and blackberry trying to make people think they would get more 'booty' if they had When everyone knows the hott chicks love android guys!!!
  • OKCupid? You mean the free dating site that is responsible for more stories on "" than all the other dating sites combined?
  • How come Android gets less sex?! Android has trojans! ;D
  • Looking for a one-night-stand with someone who can't commit? Find an iPhone user. Looking for a long term relationship? Find an Android user. I'm glad my Android brethren and I share the ideal of going for quality over quantity in relationships. I'm not sure about the "more sex" thing, seems like this is mostly about more partners. Perhaps the original author was an iPhone user so bad in bed he neglected to consider that people can sleep together more than once?
  • that is because we have better phones and they are more fun to play with then those other things. Plus my GF just got the Aria and I have the Vibrant. both too busy touching those things.
  • im 21, im a model, and i have a Nexus is good right now for me!!!
  • Does cyber sex count?
  • LoL hahahahaha Nope ! It takes 2 to have sex , and I dont mean 2 hands hahahahah :p it takes a guy and girl and lots of foreplay too woo hoo ! :D
  • I'm sure this was a highly scientific study..bunch of college kids with their iphone lying about how much sex they have...I have an android and my wife has a blackberry, so does that mean she has more sex? Guess it shows how accurate the study is. ps the chic in the picture on the okcupid site was pretty ugly so I guess she has a droid or something
  • I'd say the BB thing is believable, based on the fact that the only people that even want blackberries anymore are corporate executives, and they're probably flying all over the country/world cheating on their spouses LOL.
  • If you go back a read their study all they did is poll people about their smart phone. More people own the iphone than the android and blackberry, so yea. It was a real accurate study. It would be like saying white people have more sex than other races, due to the simple fact there is more white races than any other race.
  • More people own the iphone than the android and blackberry This statement is wrong. BlackBerry is the #1 smartphone in the US, #2 in the world (second to symbian). Android is projected to overtake both BlackBerry and iPhone before 2012 making the order 1) Android 2) BlackBerry and 3) iPhone.
  • According to the source, Sidekick users get laid even more than iPhoners :)
  • As has been pointed out, there is no scientific merit to this study. The results clearly indicate though that iPhone and BBerry users have more sex partners, not more sex. These data suggest iPhone users are the most promiscuous while Android users are the most sexually responsible.
  • Blackberry I believe because every dumb easy girl I know wants one for BBM'ing and they have a hundred guys pin that they barely know. Easiest way to pick up a girl is if she has a blackberry, just say BBM and they will light up and start talking for an hour. Its probably the new how was your day question. Myself, I love my droid and I get A LOT more action then by best friend who develops for iphone and my other friend who has a dumb phone. So yay for me. haha. Android FTW!!
  • i have an evo. wife has hero. we go at it atleast 7-10 times a week :D. married for about 1 1/2 years.
  • Ok first of all I just want to say that I think Android is a great OS but this just made me feel sorry for some people: "And fellas, all those iFart apps won't impress her; Android's bigger screens will." I mean seriously?! Do you take your phones that seriously and care for them that much? I'm pretty sure smartphones are made for entertainment and making phone calls and sending messages but some people just seem like their lives depend on how big an ego their phones have, you can thumbs this down if you want but that just proves my point
  • Android users have larger instruments. :)
  • Bcos iPhone users can't get signal half the time, so what do they do with all the time. ;-)
  • Ever since the 'grip of death' thing I've been scared of women with the iPhone. Lucky I've got the Evo and my wife has the Moment. Interfacing on regular basis, Sprinting along. ;b
  • Is this a shock? We all know chicks who use the iPhone are probably pretty easy (not too bright, usually with low self esteem and easily convinced to do dumb things). ;)
  • Droid X! I slut, go get yourself some pity sex. Hahaha! Who ever had the time to do this survey needs to get a life and go get laid! My I have two roommates. roomie #1 ipod, iphone, mac air, awesome personality, good looks, sack action: 2 women twice each the past 5 years. Roomie #2 Droid 1, gaming pc (self built), honda 919 naked bike, not so good looking, action: well-27 different women in the last year. (yeah, he VD here he comes!). Myself Droid X, alienware gaming pc, DPMS A.R. Acog night optics, full floating rail etc. its more customized than my android. Action: past year have been dating one chica HOT! AND kinda FREAKY! Couldnt ask for more. BTW shes android friendly as in evo. So, theur little study was probably observations out of his dorm room. Its all in the person and their preference. Not their friggin phone.
  • Once I get a droid, that stat will change.
  • Here is my story: I am faithfully married. I had an iphone and got her one...she never really got into and I was constantly messin around with it because it was jailbroken (lets face it, the only way an iphone is any good at all is if it is jailbroken)...she would get pissed off at me cuz I was always on it. I then switched to Nexus One and then bought her one, she loves it and we are both on the phone all the time...but she isn't pissed that I am on it, thus more sex. Plus, I haven't even rooted the dang things cuz I haven't really found a real strong reason to since it is so open, which means less time trying to get the thing to run right and more time for sex.
  • could it be that they are continuously getting screwed by apple's antennas? :)
  • Yahoo! had an article like this a while ago. Basically it said the iPhone means that the guy had a lot of money, so women would flock to a guy with an iPhone. In a nutshell it said that women are money grubbing whores. I see that the poll shows that women with iPhones get more sex, I haven't met a woman with an iPhone that wasn't a total whore.
  • I'm 22 about to graduate from college and I'm already passed that little 14 on the chart. (PPC-6700 did wonders for me lol) . Oh yea EVO owner. Plus girls with iPhones are easy. Most the ones I been with had em. Oh s**t maybe I need to get an iPhone ....
  • Double post
  • I'm 18 and am starting college in a couple weeks. I'll get back to you after the first month. :P
  • They are clearly having more sex because they are bored with their phones and need something to do. And sex with your hand doesn't count so the numbers are fudged!
  • Kinds follows what I've noticed. I go to gatherings and the people with iPhones tend to be shallow and the girls slutty. The people with Androids tend to be professionals with good careers and looking for or instable relationships. Personally I have an Incredible and the wife a Cliq.
  • OK, First of all, they probably got that information from the sewage pipes of a maximum security jail. But if it was right, it would allow me to make the following assumptions: - iPhone Users have the most sex.
    This tells me they must be REALLY BORED with their lame devices and have to use all that extra time doing something else. - Android Men have the Least sex while iPhone Women have the most.
    Obviously there is only one explanation for this one: Extremely smart and charming Android men having 3-somes or 4-somes with airhead iPhone Women. Probably the ones that go to Best Buy and say "It's the best phone". - Android users have important things to do and have real jobs, while iphone users (mostly women) just buy "the best phone" a then go to "like, party y'all, okey?" more often. I'm sure they bought the white one too. - Blackberry users are very precise with their right thumb. So they probably use their skill with many iphone users. - Sad but we need to accept it: Android is a geekier device. So women with a mustache and sideburns; and men with tape on their glasses, color coded pens and a calculator on their belt will always bring the statistics down. But that only means that there will be a lot of ladies with white iphones left for the rest of us. Just show them a live wallpaper and you're in for the rest of the night...
  • Actually, "studies" have shown that men with the latest technological devices are the most appealing. I know the women where I work can't wait for their contracts to expire to trade in the iPhone 3GS they have (rooted) for the EVO. They can't stand their phones now that they know what an Android device can do. They really zing Jobs for the Flash debacle. They're like walking advertisements for Android and they know their tech. Guys, the iPhone was so "cool" years ago because it was "hm" the latest technology. iPhone people were considered trend setters and nonconformists.
    Now it's the other way around. If you have an iPhone it's a big yawn, the latest in technology is with Android. - they've also tried to upgrade their OS and it keeps crapping out all of the time. They've given up.
  • Iphone users can't make calls to their girlfriends or hoes on their Iphones. So instead they go see their girlfriend or hoes and they wind up having sex more than Verizon/Android users.
  • The poll is wrong and here's why. #1 Should be BlackBerry because they are experts at uh, "multi-tasking".
    #2 Should be Android because we have more disposable income to spend on the ladies than the iPhone people due to the fact that we don't go out and buy all of Steve's latest and greatest new iCrap.
    #3 Should be iPhone because they're work too hard at trying to get service and have to concentrate on where to place their fingers.
  • Why are so many Android users married? {{-_-}}
  • Correlation != Causation Assuming that the data is correct and there's a correlation between these two facts there are 3 possibilities: a) The phone you have causes the sexual results - e.g. people assess the gadget that potential partners are carrying and gravitate towards those with iPhones. b) The sexual results cause the phone that you have - e.g. if you have less sex, you have more time to examine which phone you are going to get and gravitate towards android c) Something else altogether is causing both the phone you choose and the amount of sex you get. While b & c can't be ruled out, I tend to think a is more the answer. Status symbols have an annoying tendency to work. So if I were forced to guess, that's the one I'd take. But until research actually confirms the causal relationship, there's no way to know. The other's are valid alternatives.
  • I dont think this is meant to be taken seriously...
  • Since I've owned my Droid, I've had more sex than I've ever had in my life. At one point I had three girlfriends. One night, I had sex with two girls in the same night about an hour apart from each other. One of my girlfriends had been a lesbian for four years before she met me. I turned a lesbian while owning a Motorola Droid. I am not making this up...
  • Do you suppose that is directly related to owning said Droid? I feel like it might be merely coincidental. If anything, the Droid ownage has given you the self confidence to excel in the p*ssy crushing game. I, for one, have used my X as a vibrator on a girl who then let me do her in the butt. Score one for the Droid. Except now it kinda smells and it's sticky on the bottom left corner.
  • Realistically this speaks more about the type of people who would own an Android phone or an iPhone than it does about the phones themselves. Think about it, the iPhone has been out a bit over 3 years since the original incarnation, and the G1 came out a bit after it. This is a poll of the number of sexual partners at age 30. While one could take the data as showing that since some 27 year olds got iPhone's they have doubled their number of sexual partners, while Android users stopped getting sex entirely. But its far more likely the number of sexual partners per year is far more consistent than that, it speaks more about the type of people who would own an iPhone at the time of polling than it does the phones themselves. Think about this: how many Android owners used to use a Blackberry, or used to use an iPhone? I personally can count myself as one who has owned both in the past. Now thing about the type of person who would own an iPhone today, when there are better and far more varied alternatives around. They would be in many cases, the type of person to follow the crowd, not necessarily think for themselves, just trying to look cool. Would that also perhaps be the same type of person who might be more prone to putting themselves in situations where they are likely to have more sexual partners, while those users who use Android currently as they see it as the best option may instead have taken the route where they are more focused on things they deem more important, such as a single loving partner, or a more focused career? As someone said earlier in the comment thread more sexual partners != more sex, more sexual partners = more risk for STD's. After all, an iPhone user who has slept with 12 people, who each slept with 11 different people, who each slept with 10 different people... the numbers get big pretty quickly. Interesting to see the disparity between men and women who use iPhones promiscuity though especially compared to the other numbers. Apparently iPhone using women either put out a lot or are crazy enough that they never settle down with one guy.
  • ^^^ Put far too much thought into that.
  • I guess no one bothered to ask PALM users.
    The WebOS community has long been one of DIYers.
  • "iPhone users more likely to have the clap" ... it seems statistics are all about the headline chosen these days ;).
  • *dryly* I guess that helps to explain the #4 ranking for the Gym Babes application in the weekly downloads this week. ;) (Source: Android and Me)
  • First, let me point out that the data doesn't show that android users are getting less. What it shows is that we have fewer partners. You could interpret that many ways. I'd like to think that it shows we're less fickle, less promiscuous, basically, we don't screw around; not with our love-life, not with out phone OS :)