Android users greet iOS 10 with a loud shrug

It's that time of year again, when Apple releases its latest version of iOS to millions of people on the same day, and Android users get all salty that they're still waiting for [insert latest version here].

The reality is, as we remind people year after year, you can't directly compare the two ecosystems as they relate to software updates because Google by design only controls a small number of the phones. On the day Android 7.0 Nougat was released to the world, we shared all the tools on how to update a recent Nexus phone immediately, and those who waited a bit longer should have received their over-the-air update by now. Still, Nexus phones account for less than 1% of the total Android devices in use, and many millions of people will never even catch a whiff of Nougat. That's by design, whether you like it or not.

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But that hasn't stopped people from complaining — and rightfully so! Updates are fun, and they add exciting new features that more often than not improve the way a phone functions. Because of the way Android updates work, even simultaneous rollouts are issued in stages, so users rarely have a chance to share in the excitement of a simultaneous update.

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Of course, even the world's biggest tech company can't get software right all the time, as evidenced by the large number of Tweets complaining that iOS 10 is bricking their devices. As Samsung struggles with its own quality control issues with the Note 7's battery, it was incumbent on Apple to have a flawless release season, scooping up as many potential Note 7 customers as possible.

Of course, even the world's biggest tech company can't get software right all the time.

While it remains to be seen if the iPhone 7 hardware has any showstopping bugs, a widespread issue updating from iOS 9 to 10 on existing hardware is no easy thing to fix, and a potential PR nightmare. Apple says it has corrected the issue, but there are a lot of upset early adopters right now. Except our own Andrew Martonik, who was #blessed with a flawless update on his iPhone 6. Yes, even we AC editors still use iPhones from time to time.

In the meantime, it's totally possible that you are an Android user with an iPad, or a dual-wielding phone owner excited about what iOS 10 can offer. And it offers a lot, bringing many of the features to the iPhone that Android users have been enjoying for some time. But as Apple tends to do, it approaches things like widgets and homescreen icons and background processes a little bit differently, and — love it or hate it — it continues to keep a grip on the App Store in a way that Google never will. That's OK, because these days both ecosystems are incredibly powerful, and we're lucky to have them.

So what do you think of iOS 10 and the iPhone 7? Sound off in the comments!

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Daniel Bader was a former Android Central Editor-in-Chief and Executive Editor for iMore and Windows Central. 

  • Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like using Apple. Then someone farted and woke me up.
  • I have used it recently... I can tell you this. It works "OK", but looks really dated. The UI is virtually unchanged in a decade, the keyboard is absolutely horrid. There are alot of limitations all over the OS, and the feature set is years behind where android is today. Other than that, it's great.
  • I just wish there was a way to mirror your phone like apple let's you. ;(
  • You can - with a Chromecast
  • Sorry with iphones you just need a cable. With Android you need wifi.
  • You can use a cable, usually, on Androide devices too.
    Also, Wifi is cheaper than a cable, and doesn't restrict you about how to use the device and where.
  • My HTC EVO from 2010 had its own micro hdmi port. no wifi needed
  • Apple's only option to mirror is Apple TV.
    but for Android there are 100's of ways to mirror your phone
  • I wonder why you don't follow mkb but u follow him anyways and use his screenshot
  • I would love to hear about the 100s of ways without wifi? Pls enlighten me
  • Android phones have been plugging into TVs for years, even my S3 from 2012 had a cable I could buy that would connect the micro USB port to HDMI.
  • S3 doesn't work I have a old one.
  • I had a Galaxy S3 and it worked perfectly, why do you say that?
  • My S3 connected to my TV with a £3 cable. Oddly same cable didn't work with my Nexus 5 that replaced it
  • I don't know about the hundreds of ways, but I've been mirroring my Samsungs to my PC via cable ever since apps like Mobizen came out. Airdroid and Mobizen can mirror via mobile internet. Samsung SideSync can do cable as well. A proper USB to MHL adaptor also works.
  • I can stream to my Samsung TV wireless, I don't know how it's working or whether it's using bluetooth or wifi. But it works with video and audio.
  • If you have your TV and phone connected to your network, it's connected via wifi. I have a G4 and Sammy js8500 connected like that.
  • Isn't there a handful of options that work to do this with Android devices?
  • lol...there are plenty of ways to mirror your phone
  • Not without wifi there isnt
  • so in 2016 wifi is in short supply for you? Android used to very easily mirror via a cable. my nexus 10 even had a dedicated mirco hdmi port. but since times have changed we've moved to wireless options. what do i even need to mirror my phone to my tv anymore anyway?
  • I wish I had wifi, I heard some coffee shops are getting it.
  • Yes... there is. It's called an MHL cable. The S6 and S7 don't have it but every other Android phone does, sooooo. Research, mate. Try it next time.
  • MHL cable first, second, just about all smart TV's have some sort of cast option built in that works perfectly with no WIFI. It's direct to the TV. That being said, it doesn't work with Ipads or Iphones. Weird huh! Casting to a chromcast without WIFI is also possible, by connecting directly to a Chromecast with an Android phone. Also something that doesn't work on Idevices. My Shield Tablet has HDMI build right in, nope to Iphoney stuff! Oh and with some software, you can even stream your computer directly to your Android phone for remote PC game play while just using a normal charging cable. But that's a whole other subject.
  • You can use an actual mirror.
  • LOL
  • It does look and feel particularly dated to me as well. All that useless real estate and lack of customization irritate me.
  • And what about the things that iOS had before android? I think iOS had pinch to zoom and got a printing facility before my Nexus 5 got it. As someone who uses my phone to view, edit and print documents on a regular basis, these are more important features to me than having a live screen wallpaper etc.
  • Live wallpaper? You clearly haven't used Android in quite some time.
  • Android had the ability to send data to a printer long before the Nexus 5, and "pinch-to-zoom" is a function of the app, not the OS itself.  It's entirely possible some app you use got pinch-to-zoom on iOS before it did on Android, but Android apps have been doing that forever.
  • I knew something smelled in here...
  • Lol
  • as a person who is using ipad and an Android. i can tell you iOS 10 is still way behind Android L in features
    what good is an OS where you are on the latest but still trying to captup to Android L
  • And as someone who uses both OSs on a daily basis, I can tell you that Android is still way behind iOS in reliability, speed, smoothness, touchscreen precision and battery life. I'll take those things over gimmicky features any day of the week.
  • Gimmicky features? Really?
  • Defined as any feature on an Android phone that Apple doesn't offer yet. Once Apple has it, it's redefined as an "amazing, world-changing feature that Apple invented".
  • It's about time Apple invented screen mirroring. I wonder if they'll invent a way to connect your phone to a thumb drive next?
  • There are plenty of thumb drives that connect to iPhones, just look on Amazon.
  • GOT EM!
  • Don't forget "courageous" and "magical".
  • Trustworthy,
    and Reverent.
  • The only feature that Android didn't have that the iPhone (heck BlackBerry has for 3 years ) has that I use all the time is quick reply. I'm very happy to have that now. Split screen is nice to have too. But if it wasn't there is be just fine. Now I would kill for split screen on my Nexus 7 2013. Flicked via the BlackBerry keyboard on my Nexus 5X
  • I've had "quick reply" for years.  It's called Textra. Or Handcent before that.
  • I don't mean just for txt messaging. But for every messaging app. Flicked via the BlackBerry Keyboard on my Nexus 7 2013
  • Lose the annoying signature.
  • Welcome back from your 1 year sabbatical. Not the most positive comment to start out on but hey, we all have to start somewhere right. Have a great day and enjoy the site.
  • And as someone who uses both S7 and 6s, i can tell you - i have never had a single problem with my S7, Nor do I notice any difference in speed or smoothness. Not have ai eve had a problem with my S6, Or any one of the many Android phones I've had. I have also never had an issue with my iPhone. But I have had my iPad bricked by one of Apples lovely, misguided updates. So, there's that. However one data point doesn't make a trend, so while I feel your pain, maybe it's just you?
  • Well, they must not be *that* gimmicky, since Apple seems intent on copying as many of them as it can. Not that that's a problem, I'll admit Android copied a thing or two from Apple... ;-)
  • What Android phone do you have? I hate people that compare a 6s to a Galaxy Ace..
  • He could be using a Galaxy S7 and feel the same way. Whatever he's using it clearly isn't a nexus.
  • wow... more nexus puke
    Richard? is that you? did you leave the Gold Standard King of phones for the nexus?
    Still rockin T-Maybe?
  • Since, you asked, in the past 16 months, I've owned and regularly used a Nexus 6, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 Edge and Nexus 5x Before that, I've owned phones from just about every manufacturer since switching from the iPhone 4 to the Evo around the time of antenna gate (FWIW, I've been using smartphones since the Kyocera 6035 -- before some of you were born). There are a ton of things I love about Android and that's why I always make sure to keep one around. But for a daily driver, I inevitably tire of having to put up with marginal battery life, lag and what I still find to be pretty piss poor touchscreen responsiveness compared to iOS. Yes, of course Android gives you more flexibility. Some of it is incredibly useful (like picking your default apps) and some I grew tired of a long, long time ago (like home screen customization -- "Oh, look at me. I have a comic book character theme! Yawn!). Most of what Samsung does are things which I will use for a week and then justifiably ignore. I've owned two Notes and have probably picked up the S pen a total of 5 times in my life. Has Apple been late to the table (or a non-player) with things I do value like wireless charging, ambient display notifications? Absolutely. But these days, there is very little I find myself wanting when I'm using an iPhone. About the only thing that may cause me to jump back to Android on a daily basis will be when Waze finally goes live with their Android Auto implementation. Being on the road a ton, Waze is an indispensable part of my life and the fact that it will never be on CarPlay kills me. But then again, Google's self-imposed touch limitations on Android Auto, along with its seemingly neverending bugginess, make me question whether even Waze can save it.
  • I like this guy. ^^
  • "I inevitably tire of having to put up with marginal battery life, lag and what I still find to be pretty piss poor touchscreen responsiveness compared to iOS." Completely agree and would add timely software updates for security and minor bugs.
  • You never tried an HTC 10, because if you had you would know that the touchscreen response and the fingerprint scanner are far superior than the iPhone 6, 6 plus, 6s and the 6s plus.
  • "... I inevitably tire of having to put up with marginal battery life, lag and what I still find to be pretty piss poor touchscreen responsiveness..." What?  I'll grant you that battery life on iOS is generally better than Android devices, but I still haven't had a problem making it through a day with battery left over for several years now.  The lag argument is just silly and I have never seen (or heard of) a high-end Android device have bad touch screen responsiveness.
  • Don't run into too many who used the 6035. Pretty cool. I didn't jump into the smart phone world until 2009 with the Pre which I got because I was a PDA guy before that. I used an HP Jornada at work and even bought a Palm One Tungston II as late as 2005. My first cell phone was a Moto MicroTAC back in 1997, though. That's worth a laugh, at least. Regarding the rest of your comment, I really think it all comes down to what infostructure you are invested in on what phone you go with. Most of us don't have the luxury to flip back and forth once the investment reaches a certain pont in apps, media, etc.
  • it's always funny when someone makes an umbrella statement like this bc it brings up the question..have u used EVERY android phone to make this comparison or did u use 1 and based the comparison off of that?
  • Agreed! Android just has rushed and useless features that you rarely use. iOS gets features that are needed and used almost daily. I don't want a cluttered mess that Android is.
  • BS. Go away Apple troll. Shoo. Be gone. Your opinion is worthless.
  • Yeah, I hate waterproofness and the S Pen. Not to mention Samsung Pay. I could go on....
  • Like the dual cameras....oh wait. Posted via the Android Central App
  • QED, class is dismissed *Mic drop* Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah, my android phone has a useless fast and wireless charging, notification light. No one uses them right?? LOL..go ask your parents for money so you can buy an Apple gift card TROLL!!
  • hahaha I'm on iOS and I seriously **really** miss having an LED notification light.
  • Like widgets and a back key. Go ahead and like what a dead guy wants you to like.
  • That back button is the best thing about Android.
  • You are the poster child for human rationalization.
  • Sounds like you're using the wrong device then. Because that hasn't been the case for years.
  • Userpic=Win
  • You actually sound jealous. Android is made to be productive. The iPhone is made to check email.
  • Oh snap!! I think you killed him
  • Along with Facebook, snapchat, and smh
  • That's one of the most bogus and tired cliches in all of tech.
  • Lol... battery life, speed, "touch precision"...ahhhhhhhhhh, hahhahahaha "Gimmicky features" was my favorite part....what was yours? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Features pretty much don't matter to me, anymore, since both OSes cover everything I need and the extras are usually not worth the issues they bring with them (extra bugs, unfinished/unpolished implementation, bloatware to deliver them (OEM devices/features) and the update lag that results from the custom software, etc.). I literally can't think of a feature on Android that I miss on iOS. However, I will definitely miss the superior apps on iOS if I went back to Android. That's a much, much bigger issue since those apps bring functionality that simply cannot be accomplished with built-in OS features (it's why the apps exist, of course). Also, I don't trust Android's long term performance stability and battery life. Phones tend to just... get "bad" for no reason as you own them. iOS has a better App ecosystem and superior developer support, which makes the OS-level feature gaps less of an issue for those users. The apps are of higher quality and often the feature disparity between the iOS and Android version is enough of a showstopper for getting an Android phone when you actually depend on this functionality to get stuff done (using your phone... for important things and not just getting it cause it has a lot of features so you can talk about it on a website forum).
  • It's boring but it works well and you'd get better battery life than if you are using Android.
  • why...why do people say this?! Why not just say the android device you are speaking on, bc my phone lasts longer than all Iphone users that worked with me
  • He just says it because he's a concern troll.
  • My wife has an iPhone 6, I have a Galaxy S6. If we both set our phones down and don't touch it for an hour, I guarantee that her phone's battery will be at 98%, whereas mine will be at 93%.
  • Yes, Apple's standby times are superior to practically anything out there. Nothing is comparable. Apple's quoted standby times are very accurate, while an Android phone won't even come close to the quoted Standby times (it won't even be near the ballpark). This has a huge impact on the battery life across an entire day. For someone who is a moderate user, an iPhone is likely to outlast a similar sized Android device over a day, due to the fact that those phones use almost no power when the scene is off, and the system is extremely efficient at managing power. And this is with a battery that is like 60% the size of what's in the Android phone. Same issue with the iPhone Plus models. They have battery life comparable to Note devices with significantly smaller batteries (500+ mAh smaller).
  • My HTC 10 gets substantially better battery life than the iPhone 6 and 6s my kids tote around. It isn't even close.
  • Great to hear. Cause I've been considering that phone.
  • What you haven't heard? Apparently iphone users just use their phones longer. That's why they're always looking for an a/c outlet.
  • Depends on what you're doing. I like to play games on my phone while I'm waiting for something and my phone drains quicker like that. When I don't really play games, it lasts really long!
  • I use both Android and iOS. Android for personal use, iPhone for work. The iphone works, but it is limited and as others have stated, the UI is really looking dated. Android is much more customizable and more flexible in use. iPhone does what it's supposed to do though.
  • The UI looks fine. Most people don't spend all day looking at their launcher. I've never understood the obsession Android users have at using alternative launchers or theming their phones of ratios reason. When I use my phone, I'm using it to get something done and then I go about my business. When an App is running, you can't even see the launcher. iOS is not Windows 10, and Android is not macOS Sierra. None of those criticisms really matter to me, or anyone I know who uses an iPhone. They use it for other reasons, which have far more impact on their Quality of Life using the device. Like the Ecosystem Consistency, App Quality and Feature disparity in iOS' favor, Apple's superior post-sales support, the superior resale value of the devices 2+ years after ownership, etc. I stopped caring about customizability a while back. I don't spend any time "customizing a phone" beyond setting it up immediately after purchase. Phrases like "more flexible in use" are too subjective to be taken seriously. Different people have different requirements, but I find the "crutch" of customizability is sort of detracting attention from areas where OEMs or Android as a platform needs to improve. OEMs are throwing in theme stores, when they should be putting that work into areas that have far more practical impact on people's use of the devices... Like Android's horrible standby times, and the design language inconsistencies. Maybe some Standard APIs, so that 3rd party camera apps can choose resolution and framerate, like on an iPhone... That way apps like Coach's Eye and UberSense/Hudl Technique wouldn't be absolutely useless on Android, while being amazing on the iPhone? I'm wondering how many people have actually really used an iPhone here. Like, for real life situations other than poking around in settings and following web tutorials to Root/JB and customize superficial L&F and accessing storage over USB, etc. There are reasons why the iPhone sells so well, and it's not just because of name brand. It's certainly not because of "prestige," cause even welfare recipients have them at this point in time... It's because while Android users claim these superficial "feature advantages," once you venture into the App Ecosystem, the opposite ends up being true. The fragmentation on Android serves as a limiting factor which actually causes equivalent [types of] apps to deliver a worse user experience with less features than the iPhone versions.
  • Apple is better than Google with seamless syncing to Macs, phones, tablets and Apple TV. Google needs to work on this.
  • I still don't have the release of nougat on my Nexus 6 (still on the final preview release) and there is no manual image either. Oh and it hasn't had a security update since July.
  • Heck, even my Note 5 has the September update.
  • Right?? My Nexus 6 was getting updates pretty steadily and suddenly nougat was released and I haven't got one since. I have a 5x lying around too and I haven't gotten the security update on that either.
  • +1
  • Go sign up for the Beta program and you can have it right now
  • It's boring tbh. Boring because everything just works.
  • Plus a hundred other reasons not the least of which is the massive sea of icons on the home screen
  • So just being clear: boring isn't bad, right?
  • Maybe we should ask Ara and her themes.
  • Yeah, both things. Facebook and email.
  • So what exactly works on well on an iPhone 6s that doesn't work well in a high end Android phone? Yeah, think about that
  • Picture messages. (not reliable on Any android phone)
    ONE native email client that handles ANY type of email. (not 2-3 email apps)
    OS updates, (what OS is the 6P on?)
    Security updates.
    Camera. (nexus cameras ALL suck)
    App quality.
    Local, human support. (where is the nexus Guru bar when you need a battery?)
    Support for phones over 1 year old.
  • Will you shut TF up!! Acting like you have the slightest clue what the hell you're talking about. I won't even get started on this retarded post of yours. You're not allowed to talk anymore, go sit in the corner No really... No more talking, like ever
  • Everything you just said, is literally false. Besides app quality.
  • My 6P is on Nougat. A lot of what you said is wrong.
  • Last I checked the Gmail app could handle Gmail as well as Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook, Hotmail, and just about any other type of email address. I've got my Gmail, iCloud, and work Exchange all syncing through the app.
  • I wouldn't mind Google having more control of the Play Store. While they may be safe, many apps just should not be there.
  • I agree!
  • Very true!
  • I wouldn't mind if Google just took control of the update process altogether.
  • Agreed! Waiting on carriers to decide which phones and when, is complete bs. Verizon is the worst
  • In case you've been living in a hole for the past 2 years, Verizon's actually been the quickest out of the 4.
  • Like he said, Verizon is the worst.
  • Lol
  • I actually ordered a 7 Plus. Haven't had an iPhone since the 4S. I'm excited to try something different (or the same since it hasn't changed much). Regardless, not giving up my Android phone, no matter how much I like iOS.
  • Nice! Looking forward to hearing how you like it!
  • I am thinking about doing the same thing. I was hot to get the Note 7, but with all of the battery issues I suspect that phone will have such as stigma on it. I expect Samsung to come out with the Note 8 early next year. Maybe announce it at MWC.
  • I did (well I'm trying to) do the same thing. Haven had one since 4s. Had a Note 7 but had to return it. Couldn't return it till after the iPhone preorder started so I'll miss getting it at launch. And now stupid AT&T is having server issues of some kind for the last two days so I can't even get one preordered and diliverd later. #firstworldproblems
  • Despite fanboy arguments,iphones are still incredible phones. If they weren't so expensive I'd use one for a little for a change,but even a used iphone 6 will run you 300 on average. Which at that point I'd rather get a newer Android. My only complaint with iPhone will always be not being able to just download music on the browser.
  • That's the point. Aside from the common discussion of simplicity and freedom that iOS and Android always bring, nobody doubts that they are excellent phones, The thing is, nowadays we have excellent phones for $300, meanwhile the base iPhone costs $649
  • THIS RIGHT HERE!! I'm sorry for yelling, but not being able to download content from the internet is my main gripe with an iPhone. I had a 6s+ and I had to get rid of it.
  • "and those who waited a bit longer should have received their over-the-air update by now. " Is that the case? 6P users seem to have received a security update today but no sight of nought.
  • Still not got the OTA update for my Nexus 5X. It's getting a bit ridiculous now.
  • Side load it if you want it now or continue to wait. Your choice don't complain man.
  • That's not the point. Nexus should be getting it first.
  • We shouldn't have to be part of the beta program to force stable releases.
  • I got it on both my 5X and 9. I'll admit there is a lot of force closes and app crashes in it at the moment. The Outlook app has also become near unusable since it. Hopefully Google gets that sorted out in 7.0.1. (I presume it will be 7.0.1)
  • I have a 5X and 9 as well and both are on Nougat. My 5X is running very fast and smooth and battery life is noticeably better, but I haven't noticed much difference on my 9.
  • A lot of times it's apps having problems with the new OS, not actually problems in the OS itself.  If Outlook is unstable, then that's most likely something Microsoft is going to have to fix, not Google.
  • It has to with your carrier. I have nexus 5x too and I have nougat. Also today I got the 6th September Security update. If you can't wait why don't you enroll to android beta program?
  • This! It takes 30 seconds to enroll in the beta program, then you immediately get Android 7, and if you want, you can remove yourself from the beta program without losing any data. Figured this was common knowledge and from my two cents, it takes more effort to complain about not having the Android 7 upgrade yet than it does to do the above. (Works only for 5x and 6P owners is what I was told)
  • you don't need to be in a beta program to get a stable release! :)
  • Yeah, I enrolled both my Nexus 5X and 6, with no issues. The 5X received the stable release, while the 6 is still on the beta. No lag or issues, on either device, though! I absolutely love that Google allowed us to download the update without waiting!
  • My 5x got it day one,but I can't say there were any real gains whatsoever. Other than saying "GOT IT" before putting the phone back down.
  • Well I'm expecting Samsung to be late this year. Normally they have the OS update November earliest, depending on your location, carrier and stuff. But with the Note 7 issue and all, I guess they have their hands full right now.
  • Probably not the same teams.  I wouldn't expect the recall stuff to have too much affect on the update schedule.
  • Got iOS 10 on my iPad and the notifications and pull up settings or whatever its called is still terrible and ugly. Android 4.0 is even better than iOS will ever be.
  • I'll take iOS 10 over 4.0 lol although technically you are right. The only gain with iOS 10 would be skin deep. Still though 4.0 was just to ugly.
  • Lol no. Don't go full stupid. Android Pre Lollipop is Ancient territory. It wasn't until KitKat that Android really started getting good
  • "Can't you smell that smell. Ooooh that smell." ;) I get to experience it first hand since my girl's devices are all Apple. But it's rarely a good smell, on the contrary the opposite. She's quite tech savvy and holds off on upgrading yet more often than not ends up upgrading from the constant nags yet runs into issues and wishes she had just left well enough alone. Edit: this was in response to aitt above but for some reason ended up here...
  • Haha, I got you!
  • I swear I'm typing in, but i keep seeing more and more of these Apple related columns. Must be that damn autocorrect.
  • Because we're all friends here. Just trying to give some love to our friends at iMore, who worked so hard on all their awesome iOS 10 coverage!
  • Sure..but is it a 2 way street ?
  • I'd like to think so!
  • Well Daniel...I've got some bad news for you, mate...
  • It's a one way street
  • Well I don't care if it is bricking iphones and hopefully it will my 6 plus work phone since I despise having to use the darn thing. Funny thing I have a 2015 iMac at home and have boot camp on it and use Win 10. for everything. It wants to upgrade all the time but I don't let it since it runs OK as is.
  • Let your devices update, especially desktop OS's.  They patch security holes that could leave you in bad shape if you get bit because you didn't download the update.
  • Used the iOS beta program and got iOS 10 last week. Have to say more impressed with it than when I upgraded to marshmallow, it runs like a dream. Unlocked Nexus 6p, meant to have Android N but every day same story, device is up to date
  • Nougat is a snooze. I was eager to update so I joined the developer program the day it was released (boom -- instant update!), and boy is it boring. They changed how notifications work, but not in a way that I actually care about. There's finally multi-windows support, but it's not as good as Samsung's implementation from 2+ years ago, or Apple's implementation from last year. There's a lot of changes under the hood, maybe, but it's hard to get too exited about stuff you can't see, e.g., "doze on the go" is imperceptible to the user, as are the battery savings it promises. There's still no still no manual controls in the camera app -- something I actually care about.
  • I think both updates are very iterative, but ultimately the wholes are far more than the sums of their parts. Sheesh, English is hard.
  • You do know there are tons of camera apps in the store that will let you tweak the manual camera control to your heart's content, right?  Just search "manual camera".  I've heard good things about the Camera FV-5 app.  Haven't used it personally, though.
  • Of course I know that. If you had tried any of these apps, you would know that exposure compensation is not supported on Nexus devices. Those apps can only control things that the manufacturer allows you to control, and Google's driver doesn't allow controlling the exposure, just as it doesn't allow you to shoot video at 1080p/60 -- the hardware supports it, but the driver doesn't.
  • I prefer to have a "dated" device, than having an updated device that I can't customize it and call it "my own". And by "dated", I mean being in a newer OS version than 99% of the Android market.
  • Exactly its not your phone it's Tim crooks phone lol
  • That's totally fair, and a reason Android is so popular!
  • I wouldn't be too upset if you haven't gotten Android 7.0 yet. Once you do you will probably be greeted by worse battery life and Android OS and/or Android System taking up all that precious juice.
  • Which is why I rolled my nexus 6p back to MM. I seriously hope they don't start pushing out nougat as an ota upgrade to everyone or I'm just going to switch phones. The battery life on nougat with the 6p was just terrible. Even on a fresh install with just stock apps. At least with MM I can just turn off bluetooth to avoid that battery drain issue that never seemed to get fixed.
  • I don't quite remember how long my 6P lasted on Marshmallow, but it still lasts quite awhile on Nougat. I don't know. Maybe I'm just not paying attention.
  • BS
  • Well my new 6p gets great battery life and normally 5.5-6 hours on screen time. Android sys is 2% and Android os is 3%. on 7.0 and there are quite a few getting the same thing on the 6p forum.
  • Sounds like you dont have much experience on the subject
  • My 5x is trash in the battery department anyway,but I got probably a 15% gain with 7.0. Which just puts me at maybe 3 hours and 40 minutes SOT usually.
  • The 5X should've been at least 3000 mah imo.
  • I'll take android any time over ios
  • I started wit the iOS 10 beta and have found it to be a nice upgrade from iOS 9. Have had absolutely no issues with it at all. I still wish iOS would let me organize my icons the way I want and to put widgets on the screens like I can with Android but I guess that's why I switch between the 2 when I get bore with one.
  • Why can't you organize the icons the way you want?
  • Because it's an Apple. He already stated that.
  • Because the Springboard is locked in place? Duh
  • I haven't seen iOS 10, and aren't aware of any of its new features... So yeah, that title is very apt.
  • what's the point? if i don't want an iphone, why would i care it has been updated to whatever version they are using? and since i use Android smartphones, why would i care if Nougat is out if i own a Hauwei with EMUI and Android 6? if the latest version would be a priority, i'd get a Nexus device and would update as soon as available - but still not giving a smell about ios and whatever version they run
  • Well because we're trying to bring attention to the awesome work our friends at iMore are doing. Doesn't have to be a competition all the time :)
  • IMore is so boring cause apple has hardly anything new and exciting going on they still have Pokemon go and how to change your wallpaper on iOS articles lol
  • Uhh?
  • I disagree, I think Apple is doing some interesting stuff, I just think iMore is boring because no matter what Apple does iMore will praise them.
  • Interesting stuff? The most exciting thing people are saying is the new black color options. IPhones are really just good mid range phones sold at flagship prices, cause it has a apple with a bite taken out of it on the back. The emblem adds 400$ to anything it's on.
  • iPhones base price is $650. So to say that would mean that should cost $250. Yeah... No.
  • It shouldn't cost $250, but is should be $500. When will Apple buyers get their heads out of the ground and realize they are getting ripped off. $770 for a plus and $100 more if you want 128GB. Wow! $870 + tax for a dual camera and 2x optical zoom. I could buy my family 4 android phones for the price of 1 iphone.
  • 4 mid range phones. Definitely not 4 of something like a Galaxy S7 or even a OnePlus 3.
  • 2 One Pluses, 3 Robins, 3 Moto G4's you get the drift.
  • Meh, I've read some of the posts that AC editors post there. Not excited about Android editors getting all gooey eyed about apple garbage. Say what you want about apple and being fair. Guess what? Life's not fair and I couldn't care less about what apple does. It's built on a lifetime of theft of intellectual property, controlled by a dead guy. Not much to like in all of that.
  • Can I just have Nougat on my 6P already?
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Maybe.
  • Not counting stuff that can be done with rooting, what features on Android are missing on iOS other than different launchers, widgets on the launcher, and icon packs?
  • For me the critical features are:
    1) Timed priority modes that are very customizable - Priority, Alarms Only, and Total Silence or whatever. I personally only use Priority, and I've customized it so that I can still get messages from certain apps while I'm in Priority and calls from my starred contacts. And I love that I can turn it on and have it automatically turn off, that is the best thing. So if I'm watching a movie that's about 2 hours, I can turn priority mode on for 2 hours and forget about it, it'll automatically turn off. I hate that you can't do something like that on iOS.
    2) Screen pinning: I want to hand a coworker my phone to show a photo, but don't want them to go scouring around in my phone. Pin the app, and hand it over. No worrying because they can't get to any other part of my phone without unlocking it.
    3) Repeat notifications - on iOS if you miss an iMessage/text the screen will light up once every couple minutes or something ridiculous like that. What if I've missed a call? I'd like to know that at a glance. I can use apps like lightflow or tasker or whatever to control how my notification light blinks, what colors, what frequencies, how often my screen should turn on - so on and so forth. This is probably the most important feature, I shouldn't have to turn my screen on purposefully to be alerted of things like missed calls or messages.
    4) The ability to use apps like Tasker to control sounds/volumes/brightness. When I wake up I want my notification volume and ringer to be max. When I get to work, notification volume should be silent, ringer should be half. When I leave work, everything back up. On Tuesdays I always have a meeting at work from 1-2PM, and my phone should automatically go into vibrate for that time period and automatically come out. And different days I have a different schedule including weekends so I want to be able to customize when things like the volumes, notification lights come on in the morning and turn off at night, per individual weekday.
    5) Voice dictation in 3rd party keyboards is a must since the stock iOS keyboard is SO terrible.
    6) Different vibration patterns for alarms and ringers
    7) Google voice recognition is years ahead of Siri. I feel stupid when Siri doesn't understand what I'm saying but then Google totally does, so obviously it's not me. So yeah, I mean there are imo VERY legit reasons why iOS is behind in terms of features than Android.
  • #2 is found in the Settings. All you have to do is activate the iOS feature and triple click the home button. Straight forward with iOS having it longer than Android
  • I've had this in a widget for 5 years, no triple clicky activate nonsense needed.
  • Thanks. That's good to know that you can do that in iOS. Although I don't agree that its easier or more straight forward.
  • Throw in quick charge, amoled display, wireless charging, sd card options and overall cheaper prices for just about everything. Phones, USB cables, and replacement chargers etc.. are dirt cheap. Everything with Apple is proprietary and expensive. Even the cables are a money grab for this company.
  • Quick charge and AMOLED, I'll give you that. Those are features I like. SD card I don't really need unless a phone has like 16GB. But I wouldn't consider buying an Android phone with that little storage anymore. Wireless charging would be great, but I don't see many flagships with that at all. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough.
  • Almost every Android flagship has wireless charging these days, doesn't it?  My Note 5 was my first device with wireless charging, and I am *never* going back.
  • It'***** and miss, metal backed phones don't have it.
  • iMessage is going leaps and bounds ahead, while my Hangouts is on the back-burner..
  • Boosh, Google is so far behind Apple in terms of messaging that it is embarrassing.
  • Let's see what Allo does, shall we?
  • Oh wonderful, another messaging service that Google tells us to use. Just fix Hangouts. The End.
  • Yeah, with their service that only messages other iCrap users.
  • Blue vs green. Seems to work well.
  • At least 50% of iOS users that I know will not even consider switching to Android because they'll lose iMessage. It is superior to anything Android offers, considering its fairly large user base.
  • What's so good about iMessage? I had iPads never a iPhone .
  • Don't need cell signal, just wifi, and can text to another iPhone/Mac/ipad with the same Apple ID on your phone. Basically, an apple user gets texts on any apple device once set up. Pretty convenient. Calls too.
    Pushbullet is the closest on Android(that I have used), and ironically it's not as good on iOS.
  • And if you don't have an iphone? Can you i-message someone? No.
  • If no iPhone, I'm thinking iMessage doesn't matter....
  • It's a data driven message system like whatsapp only that it's only for apple users. If you only have wifi like the post above you can't message any one without apple.
  • Wow, text messaging who knew. At least 90% of i-users don't know they're even using imessage. It's on by default when they buy the phone and they are mostly clueless as to what it is.
  • I would have stayed with Android had messaging been better. I dropped texts left and right ( after checking with my carrier, switching out SIM cards and deregistering from iMessage) on every Android phone I tried last year. Android is quirky, cool and different but the messaging and some of the UIs (Touchwiz mainly) are unattractive. I have an iPhone 7 on preorder but that GS7 is a sweet phone despite Touchwiz.
  • I would suggest that the issue is down to apple registration of your number. It was a tedious process for my wife to leave imessage, with a similar initial experience in reliability, but once fully done; worked flawlessly. The only thing she's misses is the improved info when txting other iPhone users. Saying that we use WhatsApp mostly now so no real difference and platform agnostic.
  • Common problem. Seems it can be very difficult to get your soul back from Apple.
  • You forgot the other half of the coin Dan. All of the devices Apple is pushing updates to in order to nudge users into updating to new hardware because the shiny new OS slows their phones down. Realistically about half of the phones getting updated shouldn't be. It's all about that pie chart they show off every year that they brag about the percentage of users running the latest version, and the almighty dollar.
  • Perhaps that's true, but I don't buy the planned obsolescence argument. I've used iPhone 5s that still run iOS 9 really well (though I admittedly haven't tried one with iOS 10). It's great that Apple keeps them updated for four years, and some slowdown is to be expected. That being said, you're absolutely right that as a hardware company it's Apple's job to want you to upgrade every two years.
  • I've only heard nightmare stories about updates when talking about the 4 and 4s a few years ago.
  • Yep, especially the busted wireless that Apple never acknowledged. Saw several of these cases. When each owner was advised of what the problem was, they all immediately bought another iphone like good little sheep.
  • I love my iPhone 6s. I pick it up and it's always the same and it always works. It's fast and elegant. Battery management is amazing.
    I hate my iPhone 6s Compared to my S7, the camera sucks. And I can't change how it works with a different app.1
    I hate how messaging looks and works. I can't sent delayed or scheduled SMS. I can on the S7 with a different SMS app.
    I hate the iPhone mail app. Guess what? Can't change it.
    I hate no on-screen widgets
    I hate that I can't change the launcher and change my icons, I can on the S7. Maybe when I get older (I'm nearly 60) I'll be old enough the appreciate the iPhone since it's simple and by the maybe enough brain cells will have given it up :) Seriously, the iPhone is a good phone. But it can't be made any more suitable to the users taste. Android *can*. And that's it's strength. Oh yeah. I'm an engineer. Do you do a lot of high level math? Android. Apple just doesn't have the math apps that Android does.
  • Good for you?...Glad your happy with your S7.......
  • Of course I am. It's awesome. More so in may ways than the iPhone.
  • Cant send delayed or scheduled SMS? Many chat/SMS apps in the app store. Hate the iPhone mail app? So do I. That's why I use Outlook. And then there's Gmail....and so on.... Just saying there are many options....
  • Not really very many options in a lot of things. You get what apple wants you to get. You like what apple wants you to like.
  • That's the point. You cna't change SMS clients. Which means you can't change how SMS works. You can go use GMail, but you can't replace the native client and use something that makes more sense to you. You can't replace the phone dialer. Core apps like that, you're stuck with. And for the most part the are pretty basic. If you like them, that's great. But I don't. They work, but they are clunky. Use ChompSMS for a while on Android and you will see what I mean. Or Aquamail. These are excellent replacements for the native SMS and email clients, with a lot more capability. Can you do that on iPhone? No. So yeah, iPhone is great if you're OK with what you're handed or if you want to go use different messaging altogether. Install Facebook Messenger? No thanks. It's an alternative. But it's not as universal as SMS. If you have a phone, you have SMS. But you may not have Messenger, whatsapp, whatever. Plus you don't have the widgets on home screen. If you like your iPhone, go for it. I have no problems with your choice. But it's not as flexible as Android. And the engineering apps don't exist. So for me it's an easy choice. For others it may not matter.
  • You can replace the native email client with one you choose. You just can't delete it...but you can't delete the native email clients on most androids either. Same goes for most SMS clients. Regardless, there are alternatives, maybe not one you choose to use, but alternatives nonetheless. And your right though, you can't change the diaper and etc, but that is what makes android to change just about anything to your liking. Widgets? Heck, the only widget I use on android is a clock widget so that doesn't bother me too much. Ok ok the calendar too!! And again, customization is what android is all about! Look, I'm an android fanboy. Have been and always will be. I'm just pointing out that the iPhone isn't all that bad. I would still be using my s7e had it not bit the ghost. The iPhone isn't for everyone. Like my wife...she hates it!!! Lol!! I just tolerate it to the point I actually like it.
  • Yes, I'm using Android but the rest of the family has iPhone stuff. When I get a new phone, I sit them side by side and all my files etc go to the new device.
    My partner just got new iPhone and is been a nightmare just getting logged in to apple stuff and sending pics from one to the other without getting I cloud crap, which we can't log on again... It's an arduous process setting the new device up. My S7 took two hours....
    And like some posters say, this is an android forum, not windows, apple, tizen or whatever...
  • Meh... iOS users complaining that their updates bricking their phones... Android users complaining that they don't have an update... Go figure, lol!
  • Right?!
  • Just like when iOS 9 came out, iOS 10 has more bugs in it than week-old road kill.
  • Nope.
  • Every year i hope that Apple actually makes a phone that makes me want to give IOS a shot.
  • That didn't happen this year?
  • Nope. I am in a similar boat and I am those 1% users who need to charge and listen to music.
  • Apple has a base for this and Belkin released an adapter. Sure there are others. Not a big deal here loosing the old technology that 3.5mm jack is. Just a repeat as usual....we been down this road with Floppies, CDDrives, etc. Do you miss using Floppies, I sure don't!
  • The thing is they always replaced something with something better. Nothing is better right now.
  • Bless you.
  • You mean this huge, $40 adapter so that you can do something you could do for free yesterday? I get the whole "wireless is the future" argument, but Apple remove the headphone jack for exactly one reason: money.  As soon as they started making up stupid bullsh** excuses as to why they "had" to remove it, it's pretty obvious that they didn't.
  • your kidding right ?
    Software added nothing exciting, same design as the two previous predecessors and although I do not believe it to big deal the removal of the headphone jack just does not work for me.
  • At least their users actually get the latest updates...You can't even count on getting the latest Android release on time if you have a nexus phone...
  • As stated, repeatedly, very different eco-systems.  Google releases the base open-source Android code, and that code is then used to build the OS on each device.  The Galaxy S7 and HTC 10 do not run the same operating system.  Both operating systems are based on Android, and they are required to be compatible with the Android App framework, but not the same OS.  It's not a "problem" that Google needs to "fix".  It's the way Android is designed to be.  The problem is solely with people's perception.
  • Do you think all of the genius engineers at Apple would release an update that "accidentally" bricks phones? They do it on purpose so people will be forced to go into an Apple store and then get persuaded to buy a new phone. Bricked phones and slower performance on older devices are no accidents.
  • Yeah, no.
  • That folly today lasted for like 45 minutes, then was fixed. But yeah, software is hard. It's not a conspiracy.
  • I'm on the fence. My biggest problem with the plus size iphone is the horrible screen to body ratio. I've used my wife's 6plus extensively the last 2-3 weeks, basically trying to talk myself into trying the iphone 7plus. I just have not been able to talk myself into getting one, it's like holding and manipulating a surfboard compared to my S7edge. Good lord, do something about it's gigantic bezels, having some is ok, but that is just ridiculous. I guess I'm going to wait and check out the pixel phones, if those don't do it for me, I suppose it'll be the S8 next march. I'll be playing with her 7plus in a couple of weeks,anyway, I suppose.
  • My main interest in maybe giving an iphone a try again(since iphone4) was/is simply because they aren't molested and altered(and updates withheld) by the US carriers. Who knows, we'll see what the pixels bring.
  • Yeah same. My wife has a 6plus and I have a S7edge (and a Note 7 powered off on my desk). While the bezels are really huge on the iPhone, the S7edge is genuinely a pain to use without a case. I'm pretty annoyed that I have to use it while waiting on new Note 7s to be released. I'm still really tempted to try out the 7plus, but the sellouts and delays mean that probably won't be a reality. I'm on Tmobile JOD, so if I'm able to get my hands on one soon, I probably will...I'm ready for something different.
  • No, I wouldn't use an S7edge without a case, but I put a case on any phone I use.
  • Yeah, smaller bezels are always better. Unless there's large speakers on the front or something.
  • I'll find out on Friday when I trade my Note7 for an iPhone 7 Plus.
  • oops - deleted
  • Quote from the article, "Of course, even the world's biggest tech company can't get software right all the time, as evidenced by the large number of Tweets complaining that iOS 10 is bricking their devices." Huh, TIL Apple is a tech company. Since when?
  • I realized some time ago that there's really no "one-size-fits-all" answer to "Which is better?" It depends so much on your criteria. Apple is a hardware company that uses software to sell its hardware. That's not to say it doesn't make some good software, but the decisions are always weighted toward drawing you into their eco-system and selling you the hardware. Google, on the other hand, is a software company that lets others sell you the hardware to run it. It means the system has to be a lot more flexible to fit into all the configurations and it means you sometimes get things that don't work as well together as you might like. The system is far more open-ended so you can usually find something that works well for you. Depending on how you're wired you tend towards fewer choices that (mostly) guarantee they work together or more choices and more work to find just the ones that work for you. Or to put it another way do you accommodate yourself to the system or tweak the system to accommodate you. I'm the later and so a staunch Android enthusiast.
  • Perfectly stated.
  • iOS 10 is just like iOS 5 lol. The latest version of Android usually comes out when the newest Google phone comes out so no big deal for me cause I'll be getting the pixel or whatever they call it
  • What are they really upgrading it's the same ol sh*t!
  • I signed up for the beta on my 6s and now running 10.0.1 final and no, it didn't brick. In fact, it works great. I pre ordered the 7 because my S7e suddenly bit the dust and had an upgrade on one of my lines. It will still be two weeks before I get it back and to be honest.... I don't miss it. Don't miss the "android.xxxx" error popping up from time to time and don't miss the "call mom on mobile" 3 minute hang then decides to dial a random number in my phone book junk. Don't get me wrong, it's not all that intrusive but when it happens, it's a pita. iOS 10 does seem to be outdated and still to me, not a business device. But it works and works good for for a basic smartphone. Is it better than android?? No way. But since my s7e is in surgery, I will continue to enjoy my 6s and 7 when it gets here on the 16th.
  • Between Google's iPhone keyboard (GBoard), Google photos, and Hangouts on iOS, my work iPhone has become a heavily skinned android phone.
  • Same here.
  • G board is pretty amazing, I had to shoehorn it to our iPhone 5S because it's "not available in your country," which is pretty dumb for a keyboard app. Shame you can't use it to punch passwords, the default iOS keyboard is horrible on the 5S...
  • G board? Is that Google Keyboard? Yeah, I guess it is good. I customized mine to use a picture out of my photos. Pretty neat.
  • I just received the 7.0 ota an hour ago.
  • iOS 10 on iPhone is closer to Kit Kat but still lacks things like background multitasking, home screen personalization, default apps, foreground multiwindow multitasking of TouchWiz Kit Kat, etc.
  • I use two phones. One for work and one for myself. I could use both iOS and Android if I wanted to and there are a few apps on IOS that I could make use of. (Currently a Note 4 is my work phone and a S7e is my personal phone.)
    But I just can't use iPhone again. I look at my wife's iPhone6 and it all looks the same as the 4S I used to use and got bored with. The functionality of Android and the customization that is possible with it will keep me away from iOS.
    Not to mention that logo. It gives me the creeps.
  • Love iOS 10. It's the biggest update to iPhones in awhile. Apple is always slow to update their os and add features and 10 is like an avalanche of features. Does it stop me from using the LG? Not really, camera on LG is better and ir blaster is lovely but I do want alot of native features from iOS now. The notification on LG looks silly and messy now.
  • It's becoming increasingly clear that there are a lot of Android users who like the iPhone and use both platforms.
  • Or, there are a lot of apple users who aren't getting enough from apple and are utilizing android. Why are you trying to be so accommodating to that platform? I'm not liking this direction.
  • It's not impossible for someone to like both.
  • It's not "us vs them" man.  It's well past time to end this silly fued.
  • EXACTLY TENSHINO. I love both android and IOS. I have an iphone 6s and it actually rocks. when google releases the pixel line, I will be getting one of those as well. Just because i have technological ADD. Now, if everyone here wants to hate on something, please, by all means hate on Microsoft and their abomination that is called windows 10. On the computer side, its trash, on the mobile side, its trash, on the gaming xbox side, its trash!
  • iPhone 6s PLUS AND 27 EDGE USER.
  • I'm currently using an iPhone 6 and got iOS 10 this morning without any real issues, other than it taking a little longer than I would've liked (about a half hour). But it was no big deal. So far it's been working fine and seems a bit smoother and faster. At least they finally fixed that highly annoying cut/copy/paste bug I'd been experiencing since iOS 8 (it's about damn time). About the iPhone 7... nope. Don't want it. The lack of a headphone jack is an automatic deal-breaker for me. So I've decided to return to Android. Now all I need is to find a suitable Android device for me. I've been away from Android for about 2 and a half years now (since KitKat, I think), so I'm looking forward to learning about the current version of it.
  • Would be hard to care less about IOS 10.
  • Good time to get back into android. KitKat was my fav. but Marshmallow is best experience so far. Haven't tried Nugot so I can't comment on that version
  • I have the S7 Edge and when I read what the Nougat update was bringing, most of the features are already included by Samsung anyway. Same with IOS10, there isn't a single feature that I want but don't already have. I think people just like having the latest version of something, in case they are missing out. The flip side of instant updates is people always say their apple phones slow down once they get the new update (to get you to buy a newer model).
  • I think that the moment Windows Phone was actually more customisable than iOS, that makes iOS a non-starter for me. Well, that and me hating pretty much everything Apple. They haven't produce a single product EVER that made me think "I think I should give that a try". And no, my hate for Apple doesn't prevent me from giving them chances. I hate Samsung but I'm using an S7. Apple simply never produced a device that made me want to even try it for longer than a few minutes at the store.
  • I am envious of iOS largely because it has better and more functional apps when put against Android contemporaries, granted Facebook app IS still a battery hog everywhere, but the Prisma photo editor can be used offline already on iOS when you still have to be online with Android otherwise it wouldn't do anything. And Snapchat uses the actual iPhone camera to shoot Snaps, the Android Snapchats use SCREENSHOTS of what you're seeing and then pass it off as the camera and thus nearly all Android Snaps are embarrassingly bad. It's a shame, either by impotence, laziness, or sheer difficulty in optimising apps, iOS almost always ends up with better PERFORMING (not better apps, per se. That's debatable, though customizing on Android is significantly better.) Apps against Android...
  • That's crazy. No wonder Snapchat looks weird on my 6P. I was questioning the quality. I knew for a fact that it takes better pictures than that.
  • Indeed. Snapchat is crap on Android. One feature that it doesn't have that iOS has had for a year or so is Night Mode AND on Android, the camera is ALWAYS open while on Snapchat even in messages.
  • Android has has "night mode" for years, just not baked into the OS.  I use an app called Lux, which let's me configure the auto-brightness, since the default auto-brightness is always way too bright for me.  Lux also has a "night mode".  I know there's at least one other app that will do it as well.
  • Apps are much better on iOS. It's sadly just an objective fact. Even GOOGLE Apps are better with some Google apps being updated first on iOS than Android! iOS is where the money is.
  • I've never owned an iPhone, so I cannot speak from experience. I am very tempted to get an iPhone 7 though.
  • For the longest time, YouTube on iOS let you see how many likes were on a comment. You could even thumb down a comment on iOS. The last few Android updates removed them completely but I think it's back now, this is frankly ridiculous. Android is a sinking ship but virtue of apps quality alone, to be honest.
  • Of course they are, that air supply app that keeps us all alive works so much better than the android stale air app. The absence of a back key pretty much nullifies your non-objective opinion. No reason to even compare apps on the platform when the phone provides absolutely no incentive to even be picked up
  • The iPhone 7 Plus is a sharp looking phone, but it needs a headphone jack and card slot.
  • It's a featureless rectangle...with a piece of glass, an apple, and assembled in China written on it.
  • I'm going to have to wait a bit before installing i0S 10 on my iPad. This is all too familiar to me. iOS 8 and 9 soft-bricked my old iPad before, so it's best to hold off for a bit.
  • I recently teathered jailbroke my iPad Air on iOS 9.3.3 inputting that not until April of next year the certificate would end? (Pangu) Not updating in the slightest. I shouldn't have even updated to iOS 9 with I was fully Unteathered on my iPad on iOS 8.4 I believe. Oh well. You gain some, you lose some
  • This is why I'm happy I own the best of both worlds
  • The iPhone just doesn't do it for me. The bezels are beyond ridiculous at this point. The fact that they always put a better camera feature on the Plus, and not the standard a major turn-off. The screen size is just too small for the bodies. Then there's iOS: Can't have a launcher of my choice, No default apps can be set, and no proper multitasking...just to name a few. They are truly having to play catch-up to Samsung these days, especially with the camera. The S7 camera is still better...imagine what the S8 will bring!!!
  • I think we've reached a point of maturity with smartphones where no new update is going to be particularly exciting,
  • iOS 10 features are very useful in day to day life compared to android. in my iPhone 6s Plus device iOS 10 updated sucessfully without having any issue.
  • I have the Galaxy Note 4 still running smoothly but I think fast charging killed my battery, it went just over a year. I've still got the iPad 3rd Gen and the Nexus 10. Oh and the iPhone 6s Plus. I enjoy both Android and iOS without issues except the silly updates issue on Android. And before a Nexus lover say I should have been buying Nexus phones, Nexus devices are not available in my country. I had to order the Nexus 10 on an online store. I use a phone too much away from my house to risk having a phone with no local support. I can take that risk on a tablet.
  • Say what you want about iOS, but it's way more polished and fluid than any Android flavor. And the fact that an iPhone didn't have a lot of ram or a large processor speaks of that... Android is large and chunky
  • Thank you for your opinion. Which is all it is.
  • Whatever happened to just using whichever device you like, without the steaming heap of manure tainted platform politics and fud?
  • Garbage. Hot evil garbage. Been living apple and mac free for years, and my friends are all still stuck and deeper into the choke hold that is apple.
  • Only problem I have with Apple is that it's overpriced. (yes you can say I'm poor and salty because I cannot afford it). No problem is overpriced and usually specs are much lower.
    + cabels... I can charge PS4 controller, Windowsphone, windows tablet, Android Tablet, Android phone, xbox one controller? (not familiar withxboxone). With same cable. So this is kinda my opinion/facts whatever. If you like Apple and like to buy it be my guess.
  • Specs mean nothing. The iphone 6 beat the nexus 6p and 950 xl in speed tests, however, the specs of both other phones are well "above" what the iphone has. Same thing happens with ipads, and macbooks. They are faster with lower specs. Hell, I play around with my 2007 macbook 13.3 all the time and its faster than most of the new pcs available.
  • Waiting on the download now on 3 iPhones. Not really excited... performance tanked after iOS 9 anyway on the two older ones, and my work iPhone is useless in power save mode. My main phone has dual cameras, stereo, live photos, beautiful build quality, fast performance, great call quality, all day and a half battery life... so it's not like I'm chomping at the bit for features, or the iPhone 7.
  • Ok, it's done. It went fine for me, aside from my battery dropping from 76% to 38% from the update. To unlock, I have to press the home button twice, then enter the pin. Not much different than hitting the button, swiping, then the pin, but it is easier than swiping. Also got the "Home" app, which is bloatware for me, so it will go in the misc folder with the Watch, Tips, FaceTime, Health, and iBooks. But, I can delete some of these extra apps now, which I could not do before. Nice. Phone is still slow though, so there's something to be said for being reasonable about forcing updates on lesser devices. Funny, my HTC got faster with the last two major updates. Still no smart lock, which is something I wish Apple would do. My other phone stays unlocked at home or in my cars, and then locks when I leave home or step out of the car.
  • It looks awesome for my iPad. May actually use it for more than bathroom reading material now.
  • Can't believe Apple hasn't came up with something like smart lock yet. It's a very handy feature on Android. Yes I have not. Also a Win 10 gamer tower and a MacBook Pro. They're all just tools to me. None better than the other. Its all personal preference.
  • and tHE CROWD GOES mild.
  • My reaction? Meh.