Android sees huge gains in support from enterprise IT

Forrester Research has published a report concerning support for various mobile operating systems in the business sector that shows strong gains for Android. Support jumped from two percent at the end of 2009 to a respectable 13 percent in 2010. Considering Android really only exploded for most people in the latter half of 2010, it is not hard to imagine that many IT departments around the world are working on getting Android integrated in the coming year.

The leaders in this space are unsurprisingly BlackBerry at 70 percent (up three percent from 2009) and Windows Mobile at a steady 41 percent. Somewhat surprisingly iOS has the support of just 29 percent of companies surveyed. Forrester also notes that companies are increasingly supporting multiple platforms with more than 50 percent supporting at least two and about 25 percent supporting at least three. [Forrester Research (1, 2) via PreCentral]

Kyle Gibb