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A question we get quite often from you guys is "How do I add a second gmail account?" Consider that question answered in the video above. Note that I'm adding a Google Apps account, which is the same as a normal gmail account, just with a different domain name.

Anyhoo, it takes about 30 seconds to do, and you can sync all of your e-mails and contacts, just like with a "normal" gmail account.

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How to add a second gmail account to your phone


Yes, but you can't sync a second calendar. My employer just switched our email and calendar services over to Google Apps, but because I set up my phone using my personal Google account I can't sync my work calendar with my Calendar on my MyTouch 3G Slide. I've heard that this is resolved with Android 2.2, but it could be several more months (or longer) before that is rolled out for my phone.

You could share your corporate google apps calendar with your personal google account with "Make Changes and Edit Sharing" rights and and then have it show up in your google calendar. It will give you all the functionality that the native google calendar has...

I did all this and it synched my contacts and shows the account as added. But it does not notify me of incoming email on the 2nd account, and I also do not see email from the second acct. in my inbox via the Gmail app. My phone is an HTC Rezound. What's the problem?

Same here. There doesn't seem to be any way whatsoever to access my second gmail account on my Galaxy Note II. Both google accounts are there and syncing, but only my personal account works with the gmail app.