Android Netbook News Roundup -- Acer, ECS, Snapdragon, and More

We absolutely love netbooks here at Android Central--they're convenient, cute, and affordable. We also love Android here at Android Central (bet you couldn't have guessed that)--the OS just oozes versatility and potential. However, we're still not sure how we feel about an Android netbook--on one hand its the best of both worlds, on the other we're unsure how Android will translate in netbook form. Regardless of how we personally feel, Android Netbooks are en vogue with all the big manufacturers. Here's the latest news on Android netbooks:

ECS T800 Netbook runs Android and is uber-sexy but does it work?

The ECS T800 is incredibly beautiful, boasting a Sony Vaio P form factor with sleek lines and an almost pocketable size, this is perhaps one of the most exciting Android netbooks to date. Hint: it's the netbook pictured above in this post. The basic specs are: your choice of 800 MHz or 1GHz OMAP3 processor, 1.76 pounds with 8.1 inch display and512 MB RAM. The one problem? Well, it's basically a dummy prototype--no one's seen it actually run Android yet. Still, we'd pick this netbook over any other.

Acer Android Netbook Runs Firefox

Acer showed off a test model of an Android Netbook at Computex using the current Aspire One D250 to showcase how Android would work on a netbook. Android seemed to be unmodified and relatively snappy in startup/shutdown times, what was most interesting was that the test model actually ran Firefox. Firefox on Android? Where do we sign up!

Acer Android Netbook Dual-Boots Android and Windows XP

Hmm. On one hand, if you're going to make an Android Netbook, you should MAKE an Android Netbook. Not offer Android as a gimmicky toss-in like Acer is planning to do with their first Android Netbook (that also boots Windows XP). On the other, it looks like Acer is playing it safe by allowing users to boot Windows XP. Though we do agree that if you include Android, you should at least modify it to fit the entire netbook experience. We wonder if this is going to be the initial trend, let users figure out if Android is right for them.

Compal Showcases Android-powered, Snapdragon-based Netbook

Maybe this Android Netbook thing will work after all. You should check out this video of the Compal Snapdragon-based, Android Netbook. Compal has built a custom start-up interface that looks pretty cool and more importantly, highly useable. Details are of course vague but boy, we're starting to believe in this Android Netbook craze. How about you guys?

Casey Chan