What you need to know

  • Right now, some controllers are supported on Android devices, whether through Bluetooth or wired connections.
  • The Xbox Elite Controller Series 1 is not currently supported.
  • That may be changing soon, as a recent note in the Android Open Source Project suggests support is coming.
  • The White Xbox Elite Controller Series 1 is currently $170 on Amazon.

When playing games on your Android phone or tablet, sometimes it's better to use a controller and not rely on touch controls, particularly for shooters like PUBG. While some controllers can be connected and used, others like the Xbox Elite Controller can't. If you find yourself wanting to use one however, there is hope. A recent update on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Gerrit suggests that support for the Xbox Elite Controller Series 1 is coming.

The commit has the details for the model number 1698 Xbox Elite Controller uploaded, mapping the buttons so they can be recognized properly when playing different games. Due to the Xbox Elite Controller Series 1 not supporting Bluetooth, you'll need to connect the controller with a micro-USB cable in order to play.

The upcoming Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 does support Bluetooth, as do some other Xbox One controllers, so the hope of connecting an Xbox controller via Bluetooth shouldn't quite die yet, it may just take some time. We'll provide an update when more information becomes available.

Premium and Sleek

White Xbox Elite Controller

Back in white

The Xbox Elite Controller is a weighty controller that allows full customization and tweaking of the triggers and sticks within the Xbox Accessories app. Now, it comes in white.

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