Android Market Will Get Updated With New Look in Android 1.6 Donut

A few days ago, we caught the leaked pictures of what looked to be an updated Android Market and today Google has made it official. In Android's next update, Android 1.6 Donut, Android Market will receive an update that brings a fresh design and some very important new features, the most important being screeenshots of applications.

We're pretty big fans of the new design--it looks a lot more modern, usable, and seemingly better in every way. The new features of Android Market for developers will also bring in a better user experience--promotional icons, better descriptions, and application screenshots that will let all Android users learn more about the application. Also, four new sub-categories will be added: sports, health, themes and comics.

Unfortunately, no timeline was provided on when we'll be able to use the new Android Market but when Android 1.6 is released to the public you can be sure to check back for our full review!

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Casey Chan