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Android Game Review: Apparatus

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Sometimes I come across a game that makes me feel really dumb really challenges the ol' noggin of mine, and I know I just have to share it with you all, the Android faithful (because Android users are inherently smart). Apparatus is one such game, and by the time you're done with it, you'll deserve either a pat on the back or a tasty cold one (or both).

If the name didn't completely give it away, Apparatus is about just that: building apparatuses. To do what, you may ask? To make sure a dark blue ball makes it's way safely into a sky blue box. That's it.

Now if you're wondering what makes Apparatus so difficult, it's because the game uses physics and all, so if any of your parts aren't stable and attached to something, they'll fall away into the nothingness pit that makes up the bottom of the screen.

Fortunately there's no penalty for completely botching the job (sometimes it's the only way to learn what's going on), and a simple tap of the pause button will get all of your objects reset on the screen.

For the first couple of levels there are hints that'll show you the ropes on apparatus-building (like how batteries work, how to tell which way your plank of wood will spin, and how to attach pieces of material together), so you're not totally out in the cold, but once you've been taught the basics, it's up to your own ingenuity to get the job done.

Perhaps even more amazing than the levels the game has you work through are the community-designed levels and the sandbox. From within the sandbox, you can build either an apparatus or a building challenge. When you're done designing your masterpiece, you can upload it to the community levels to people can try and beat it or just watch it unfold.

It's absolutely amazing to see someone construct a rudimentary gun using only these simple tools, or an impressive fireworks show with the only trigger being a wheel rolling over them, and more than makes this app worth its price.

Apparatus feel like one of those "must have" games on Android. It's cheap, forces you to be creative, and is filled with levels. Even if you never touch the main game, the sandbox and community sections can easily take hours out of your otherwise productive day, as you build and see what others have built. In a word, it's stellar.

Apparatus is $2.45 in the Android Market. We've got download links after the break.

  • cool game! i really like it! thanks for sharing.
  • I love this game! Just an FYI, the Lite version barely scrapes the surface.
  • "...more than makes this app worth it's price". *its.
  • Cool but I would prefer it in 2d, the off axis 3d detracts more than it adds IMO.
  • I've been playing this game for a couple of months now and it's nothing short of amazing! Huge creativity!
  • i'm really not the guy to often go in and pick apart spelling, but i got an unexpected, 200ml shot of irony when i read "Android users are inherintly smart".
  • Sigh. +1
  • Was free as one of Amazon's App of the Day, but the dev decided to pull updates from the store because...well lots of reasons. I thought it was a good game and started playing it, but when I read his rant here I decided against playing any further. I have found some issues with Amazon's appstore, but nothing that would turn me away from free apps. I might even look for the developers again in the future! Sadly, not this one.
  • Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed it got pulled from Amazon. I got the free app of the day back when but now I no longer receive updates.. Which really sucks because I need some more levels! I guess I could always just buy the damn thing :)
  • Its sad when good games cant be released because of the market carrying it. I am sure there are a lot of good games out there that just cant be released, or even when release, stuck at the bottom of the pile and never gain any attention.
    Blogs like this are the only chance for such apps, and I hope that more and more media and bloggers realize this and try to lend a hand to making the industry more competitive in a healthy manner.