Android Game Review: Age of Zombies

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Zombies, zombies, everywhere! In fact, not only are they everywhere, they're also every time. Such is the issue facing the world in Age of Zombies, thanks to a huge jerk named Professor Brains. (Don't worry, he gets his.) Enter protagonist Barry Steakfries, who quickly gets to what he does best: shooting things.

From there you begin your epic tale of bouncing around different eras in history, shooting zombies. You start off in prehistoric times with a brief tutorial, reduce a bunch of zombies to meaty pulp, and then move on your way. From there you'll encounter zombie cavemen, zombies who took that dumb time travel portal, and zombie T-Rex's. Yeah, you read that right.

Controls are done via two virtual joysticks (one on the left, one on the right), with the left controlling movement and the right controlling your gun. Both respond really well (especially on a tablet!), but if you're like me and end up moving your thumb too far off the joystick, prepare to get munched on by some zombies.

The graphics are really good looking (both on a phone and tablet) and while there's not full-blown voice acting, Barry does sort of mumble/grunt out whatever new weapon you've picked up. So picking up a 1UP sounds like "Hehhgstra life!" But he's Barry Steakfries and that's exactly how I'd expect him to sound (think Rocky after he'd gone the distance with Apollo Creed), so it works.

Gameplay is fun, if not a little repetitive. It's repetitively entertaining though, so it never seems to get old or boring. Just when you think you can get complacent, some giant samurai zombie is going to pop out and keep you on your toes until he's been reacquainted with the earth. Have your finger slip off of the joystick and watch the zombies come barrelling down on you from every side. It'll keep you working (and having fun), and that much is worth it to me.

Age of Zombies runs $2.99 in the Android Market, but for a game that runs on tablets just as well as phones, that's a steal. Keep in mind this game comes to us from the same team that developed Fruit Ninja, so if you're expecting anything less than awesome, you might need to up your standards. Age of Zombies is fun. And there's zombies in it. Isn't that enough for anyone?

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Joshua Munoz
  • It is free on getjar
  • Love this game... Got it for free from Amazon... finished it the same day though... need to check to see if there are updates for more stages.
  • free on getjar
  • Great game. Really fun, especially the Survival Mode. While the controls are super responsive, they really make me wish I had a controller - I know I'd do so much better in Survival Mode. The problem with virtual onscreen joysticks is that after playing for about 5-10mins my fingers either get super dry or sticky and screen no longer detects my thumbs very well, leading me to not being able to move responsively. Not the game's fault, but yeah, still gets me killed.
  • I feel like you guys already posted a review of this?... Anyhow, was certainly a fun game, but I too beat it in one day.
  • They have...twice. March 31st: June 11th:
  • Oh, I didn't know stories mentioning the app counted as reviews. Silly me.
  • I'm not trying to be offensive, sorry- Just had a deja vu kinda feeling.
  • No worries, man. Wasn't really directed at you, anyway. :)
  • There's no reason to take my comment personally. While the others weren't technically "reviews", this game has been featured 3 times now where download links to buy it have been given by Android Central. That's all I was pointing out & likely what jogged Oxirane's memory. I'm sorry if anyone misinterpreted the meaning of my comment.
  • Gotcha. I just think reviews are one thing, news is another. That's all.
  • Ironically this is a better Duke Nukem game than DNF was.
  • Awesome game...needs more levels but the experience was well worth the price. This game is well designed and plays perfectly on my Droid X2.