New Flash for Android video runs great, possibly shows Android 2.2 homescreen

We know Adobe is giving its employees Android phones in a form of "dogfooding" for Flash on mobile. We know that Flash is coming in Android 2.2 Froyo. We also believe that Android 2.2 will be a big part of Google I/O next week in San Francisco. Would it make sense that Android 2.2 is running on those phones that Adobe gave away, in some sort of preparation for Google I/O? Makes you think, doesn't it?

In a video showcasing Flash on Android, Android and Me spotted a new homescreen that could possibly be from Android 2.2. We see a few updated icons on the bottom, an updated search bar, and even an Android tutorial icon. We're very excited to see what Android 2.2 holds and see how much Android can get better. In any case, it definitely looks like Google is getting ready for 2.2. Hit the jump to see the video! 

Casey Chan
  • I found myself, myself, last night...what could they possibly do to make 2.2 so much better than the experience I have had with 2.1 which aside from the fact that I was experiencing, experience, on a Droid Eris, was just about perfect... I believe I have an answer.
  • Yeah. Although the HTC flashlite works well in most cases. Sites like this ( ) work flawlessly. Videos play in the browser. Although on this site I would rather have played it in the player.
  • Wow it looks even better than the Winmo Skyfire days when you saw all the Flash content instead of just the videos like the latest Skyfire for Android only currently does. Some exciting things are in store for this platform and I can't wait for the Evo to drop. I'm so there. WCM
  • 5 home screens there? & I wonder what that arrow is under the g in the search widget? Cant wait for 2.2 even though I dont know much about it, but if google is behind it then we shoould have no worries.
  • Yeah, I can't wait for 2.2. I guess we'll finally get to see what kind of delay we'll experience in getting the upgrade since I have the Incredible on the Sense UI.
  • I still don't understand why people are so crazy for Flash on smartphones.
  • In a nutshell, because 99% of desktop internet-users interact with Flash in one way or another.
  • This makes me laugh as Adobe will never release flash anyway so why bother . That company has been lying to us for a long time about the release of flash I could care less if it ever comes . As for 2.2 ? I didn't like the home screen ????
  • You probably missed the original video post (at where Ryan states that Adobe will be released Flash Player 10.1 publicly at Google I/O (May 19-20) -- that is, in about a week or so.
  • yeah and if you believe that I have a bridge for sale real cheap, I remember Adobe saying way back when I owned a Palm Pre , that it would be released in the fall of 2009 , then it was 1st quarter 2010 , now its sometime before years end , blah blah blah . They are full of crap
  • Keep on hating, bro.
  • Why did the commentator refer to the Nexus1 as "less powerful device"?
  • less powerful than a laptop/desktop is what he means...
  • Good point, thanks.
  • Pardon me while I play Jobs-advocate. Effect on battery life? Note he had the phone charging. How well will this run on 3G speeds? Notice he is on WiFi. Just saying. I would love to each HIMYM and NHL on my phone but really the rest I could live without. I rather have great battery life (the only bad part of the Incredible) Bill Not-Jobs
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  • Thats exactly what i've been wondering the device in plugged in and running in wifi i wonder how fast and smoth it will run out in the wild with 3g speeds and how long it will last..
  • 1) You can't expect Flash to solve connection speed issues. If you're on a terribly slow connection watching non-optimized streams, your playback experience will be worse. Apple even requires a ~60mbps stream when doing live streaming for moments when your device can't handle a full stream. 2) Battery life: Enjoy. ;-)
  • Battery tests
  • Then disable it. one can convince me that they know better than I do what I want to do with *MY* device. It's very possible that, once Flash is available for my Droid, I'll keep it turned off much of the time. I still want the option to use it when I see fit, though. The Apple company line about maintaining user experience doesn't hold water either. The only reason that Jobs is keeping Flash from Apple devices is so that they can try to increase their control over the market., just as they're trying to limit the developer market to their platform by dictating what dev tools may be utilized to create apps for their platform. Hopefully more and more devs and consumers will leave this platform behind as Jobs and company exert more and more control over them.
  • Call me naive since I'm a non-rooted user running stock ROM so I don't know if this is possible in other ROM's, but you can see in the video even before you start to play it that the phone is being held in landscape mode with the softkeys/trackball on the left instead of the right. Does this mean that 2.2 will support landscape orientation when holding the phone in either direction instead of just with the softkeys/trackball on the right?
  • the N1 already supports both directions. Sense UI only supports counterclockwise rotation.
  • My N1 does not rotate in the direction that it is in in the video (trackball on left). Hasn't since day one. Fully stock, no root, no hacks.
  • Well this is more of the same, every month we have different promo phones running flash and some big boss at adove talks some cra....!!! but the fact is there is nothing for us users im so fed up with this thing...let me just cool down not worth it.
  • lol. And for what it's worth, that Alchemist game is the same one I demoed on the Nexus One (or was it the Droid? I can't remember) back in February.
  • Platform runtimes take a lot of time to perfect - especially when running on the tight constraints that are a mobile phone. Steve Jobs is right partially - unoptimized Flash would kill the Nexus One (or any other Android phone) battery time.
  • Android 2.2 is gonna be awesome! i love the new homescreen as well, im glad we won't have to use space for the phone app or browser now!!! CAN'T FRICKIN WAIT!!
  • Whoops - meant to reply to another thread.
  • why does everyone always cry about battery life? All smart phones have horrible battery life (including the iphone) its just something you live with to be a smart phone owner.i myself am looking forward to flash. And any other upgrades that I can get on my phone
  • The 'battery life' thing is all just part of the moving goalposts game people have been playing against Flash. First they complain Adobe is not working in Flash for mobile. Then they are. Then they complain performance is subpar. Then they have videos showing that's not the case. Then they say it's not gonna work because of some bogus hover/rollover issue. Then logic knocks on the door. Then they complain it's never gonna be released. Then Adobe announces a date. Then they start complaining the battery life is gonna suck. Only that it is not. Rinse and repeat.
  • Touch screen smart phones have short battery life, not all smart phones. My Bold 9700 will last almost three days on a charge. I put up with the short battery life on my N1 because I prefer it over the BB.
  • My Nokia N97 - for all its horrible crimes against humanity did have a wonderful battery life. It could easily run for 2 days with moderate use. And it supported Flash (lite) 8.
  • Running perfect? Yes in this shot maybe, but how many times do you think they recorded to get that flawless spot? That first example he gave sounded like the site they used a couple of days ago at Flashcamp that crashed twice before giving up after the crowd stumped them with a request to play Hulu. Here's the blog detailing the failed demo: It would be great if they could get flash to work and deliver it on time but seriously flash is NOT the longterm solution. Unless Adobe steps up and rewrites it to be more open, stable and less CPU/battery taxing, but let's be real that isn't going to happen. We need innovative and open solutions built for the mobile web and flash is way too far behind. I know you guys think you want flash but every battery and OS stablity advancement we make between now and Android 2.2 will be shoved back by flash.  In my opinion flash's only place is with games (and honestly I'd rather play a native Android game) but video and web content belong to standards compliant technologies like HTML5, CSS and Java. Best of luck to you Adobe, you're going to need it.
  • You seem to have missed the fact that this video was posted exactly as a response to the failed demo (it's done by the same guy). They were using a previous beta release of the player in the demo. Then the guy got home, updated the version, tried again, and it worked flawlessly. TL;DR: Beta software was beta. It's less so now.
  • No, thats my exact point. This response happened literally a day or two later. The software didn't change all that much, maybe a few bug fixes specific to the website to get it to work, but does that really install a lot of confidence in it working in general? My entire point is just a day or two it did not work on a random public viewing, yet this privately recorded session works perfect, how do you know it didn't take him 10 shots to get this done? And how do you know its going to repeatedly work flawlessly for you when its on your phone? Even if it can work 9 out of 10 times that still doesn't negate the other issues with flash: its slow and resource intensive and that just doesn't work on a phone with limited resources and in general flash isn't designed for a touch interface. There is still no good solutions for hover over links or finger interface friendly UI changes and if they do come up with solutions to this the flash devs are still going to have to re-write their flash. Why not just switch to a better technology if you've got to redo it? I almost wish they'd hurry up and get this product out so people can see the effects on their phones in the real world.
  • Flash on Nexus will be so COOL!!! It'a coming: I can feel it!
  • I hope I can save .swf files to my sd card and run them with flash! I love having real soundboards available!
  • Apple fan boys can say what ever they want... at the end of the day Android is going to have real web experience they like it or not... and about the battery life it's just like every smart phones these days it depends on the use of the phone... my iphone did not last 6 hours for me I always needed charging it at work, on the car or at home... Android at least will have the option of flash... the iphone doesnt even get that... and to me that's the big difference ;)