The Android Developer Challenge 2 is in its first round of judging and it's up to us Android users to determine which apps make it to Round 2! Simply head to Android Market and download the Android Developer Challenge 2 Application to participate. The Android Developer Challenge 2 Judging Application will display applications for users to download and score according to a set criteria (originality, effective use of Android platform, etc).

The first round of judging will last 2 weeks and determine the Top 20 applications in the 10 categories. Remember, the first round is entirely determined by user votes. In the second round, user votes will account for 40% of the final score with the remaining 60% determined by industry experts.

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The Android Developer Challenge 2 will most certainly deliver a slew of great applications for the Android platform and we can't wait to test them all out. Let us know which applications you think are simply amazing in the comments!

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