Android Central weekly photo contest winners: Macro-photography

Another week has past, and we've spent a good part of it enjoying the pictures you guys and gals have sent in for this weeks photo contest! We got a bunch of them, all of them good (just the way we like it) and it's the wort of work nobody minds doing. This week we asked everyone to submit their best macro-photography shots, and we offered up an Android mini collectable for the winners. 

You can find the five winning shots after the break (in no particular order). If you see your picture there, check your inbox for details about your prize. Thanks for entering everyone!

Photo courtesy Jan Van Assche and the Samsung Nexus S

Photo courtesy Victor Leyva and the HTC Hero

Photo courtesy Mirko Trifunovic and the Samsung Nexus S

Photo courtesy Jason Copeland and the HTC EVO 4G

Photo courtesy das0527 and the HTC Rezound

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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