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Android becomes top-selling mobile OS in the U.S. for the past 6 months

Do you like huge Android sales figures and pretty graphs? Neilsen has the prefect gift for you: fresh evidence of Android's continued rise to dominance in the U.S. smartphone market. The OS is now installed on nearly one-third of new phones sold in the States and has risen to an overall market share of of 19 percent as of August. RIM's BlackBerry OS has an overall 31 percent share while Apple comes in at 28 percent with iOS. Any bets on how long it takes Android to become overall number one? Check out the overall market share graph after the break. [Neilsen]

  • wasn't this in engadget yesterday?
  • Hey I turned this in as a news tip!
  • I thought the iPhone 4 boost would have been bigger in July & August. That is pretty telling. I'm curious how this will/would look after a Verizon iPhone comes out (no, I have no interest in switching).
    Also, how about that swan-dive, RIM? Wow.
  • I'm not an IPhone fan, but I have to say that it's actually pretty impressive, borderline sad, that IPhone has such high numbers when it's only available from ATT. Both RIM and Android are on all major carriers. Way to go Android though, I just talked two friends into switching over from BB, so Android is on it's way to the top.
  • Plz send this to Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, Mobipocket, Zynga, Runescape, and anyone else dragging their heels supporting Android devices! :D
  • And the NYC Marathon. I tweeted them and they "hope" to do an Android app for next year. Annoying!
  • I agree. How long can it possibly take for netflix to get an app for android?? Let's go already, enough is enough.
  • It should also be noted that this is in a rapidly expanding smartphone market, so all of these have seen actual sales growth over the period, including Blackberry. Quite astonishing really.
  • Now wait a minute. I could have SWORN that the iFools said "just wait for the iPhone 4". And then every stat that came out with Android in a good position would cause them to say "the iPhone 4 isn't being counted just launched." So this looks like its covering the iPhone 4 sales right? Soooooo what happened iFools? Oh...people weren't just holding off on iPhone purchases for the new version eh? Now I can't wait for it to come to Verizon so I can laugh when that initial surge ends and Android is still on top. Then thats the end of the comparisons for me. It has become boring. iPhone is hardly worth mentioning in the news cycles. There are way more interesting developments going on around Android like Google TV and the coming tablets.
  • Actually iPhone is doing great & it's making news heavily as we speak, your just a typical hater. I like android when carriers & manufactures not screwing & cluttering up the OS. but I do like it, but in my opinion if there this many android handsets there marketshare should be alot higher IMO. google tv, u can get a apple tv or a roku cheaper then that thing, $299 is ridiculous & will be hard to appeal to the mass majority consumer. Ain't no telling what Sony might charge for the damn thing
  • Theres no news on the iPhone outside of your head. Nobody is talking about it except for hoping it comes to Verizon. As for market share being higher how fast do you want people to buy phones? Isn't having 5% growth rates over months while everyone else has 1% or negative good enough? I think people toss around the term market share without understanding what it means. Its the number of phones in hands in this case. The growth rate is whats important. If Android has the largest growth rate then it will eventually have the largest market share unless someone does something to stop it. So far Apple isn't going to do it so its down to WinPhone 7 or a revival of WebOS. And Apple TV is no where near the same thing as Google TV. I just read people on TiPb saying that exact same thing. Apple TV is a box to mostly get your iTunes content to your TV. Google TV is basically an OS for your TV be it built into the TV or through an add on box. It merges TV content now matter the source, web and apps and makes them seamless on a television screen. Its a totally different idea and buying an Apple TV isn't going to get you the same thing. Neither is the Roku.
  • If by not making news than you mean the second article (and previously feature article) of the Wall Street Journal homepage, then you are absolutely correct. Whether you like it or not the iPhone has the media's attention and that is a huge plus. And again, it was pointed out above, the iPhone is ONE phone on ONE carrier. How many different Android OS phones are there are how many different carriers? This article is great news for Android, but I do not think it illustrates the whole picture.
  • $299 is way too much.
  • They need to make a high end android without a camera for those that cannot have a camera phone as a work phone. Blackberry offers some of there phones without a camera.
  • just download the desire hd rom ;-)
  • I guess I'm a statistic... Bought a Blackberry in February this year, and switched to the Incredible August/September. Don't regret my decision one bit
  • The first graph doesn't make any sense, it doesn't seem to match any of the recent reportings, Apple were selling 4+ million units of iPhone 4s, and wasn't Android a fast growing platform but suddenly dropped in the past couple months? I know RIM had their best selling quarter, but really? From 14% to 32% in a 6 month span and they weren't doing anything innovative, the Torch is hardly innovated- it's already been done by Palm.