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Android apps may theoretically find their way onto the BlackBerry Playbook

A long time ago, in a podcast far, far away, CrackBerry's own Kevin Michaluk talked about the BlackBerry PlayBook (then only rumor) and how with its new QNX-based operating system, it could theoretically run Android applications via the Dalvik Virtual Machine. We say theoretically because it's not like PlayBook users will be running to the Android Market or anything out of the box -- it'd take RIM's blessing or some hackery to get the job done.

But it's looking more like that could be the case, with BGR reporting that "RIM is very much considering the Dalvik Virtual Machine." Long story short -- if they do so, we could well see Android apps hacked onto it in short order.

There still are a lot of ifs involved. But we've been fairly impressed with the PlayBook (never mind its lack of notifications and messaging clients), and running any Android app on it would be quite the feat. [BGR via CrackBerry]

  • I'm sure the playbook will get froyo b4 my epic 4g. Fock samsung for updating and releasing mid grade phones to froyo while ignoring their flagship line of phones.
  • Seriously? Your comment has less than nothing to do with the article
    It would answer the toughest question aimed at Kevin on that podcast from our own Phil "Can you play Angry Birds on it?" With these possibilities you could.
  • Ok I'm getting one now. They win. Much better than a $700 Xoom
  • In all fairness the mid grade phones are older and have been waiting a lot longer for froyo then galaxy s users. Samsung has had longer to get the software ready for those phones. Be patient it will happen. I most likely will be getting the fascinate for my next phone or the bionic haven't really decided yet.
  • People just need to get over the froyo thing for their galaxy s. I understand why your so frustrated, trust me i do. But it'll come when it comes. The vibrant randomly got it, and iM sure it'll happen soon anyway. And i tell you this: ROOT YOUR PHONE. especially considering its so damn easy for your phone. If you root it, not only will you make it faster than it would be with froyo on it, but you can get custom roms based off 2.2 that will ALWAYS be better than what the carriers are going to release.
  • If you want Android functionality, why would you buy the Playbook and not an Android tablet?
  • Samsung already released their froyo .. longgggg ago in Asia ( on Kies but works great ) !!! Stop Nagging about it for god's sake !! Im sure its the carrier's problem in the US !! he's right ! Jus ROOT THE PHONE !! that would help u alot ..
  • Too bad RIM didn't choose Linux, like Android Linux and WebOS Linux. Then it would be a lot easier to run Android apps on it.
  • Android on BlackBerry ?! Probably too high priced as most the big name tabs are (I have an Archos 70) but it will certainly be fun to watch the forums to see what the Android experts will be able to do with the PlayBook. One thing's for sure, those of us that dumped our BlackBerries for an Android are on the right track, huh?!! Love my Fascinate!!!