Android Accessory Review: HTC A/V Cable for Droid Incredible [video]

The HTC AV Cable for Droid Incredible is a quick and easy way to display content from your phone onto a TV. The cable plugs into the DInc's microUSB slot on one end and has composite video plugs on the other (sorry, no HD here). The cable offers true mirroring, so anything displayed on your phone shows up on the TV. The plug itself is pretty small, and I had no issues with using it even though I have a case on my phone, but your mileage may vary. Join me past the break as I take a closer look, and be sure to check out the video demonstration and extra pictures!

One great feature of the cable owing to its composite output is that there is no copy protection between your phone and the TV. HDMI, for instance, can sometimes require DRM to work. Not so with this cable, as anything you do on the phone shows up on your TV. This is great for sharing pictures or videos with family and friends, and could even be used to show groups of people how to do things in Android. There is no reason this cable could not be used in a "Intro to Android" class of some sort, or by a developer to show off an app during a presentation. 

The cable also has a microUSB port on the side that allows you to plug your charing cable into it. This will keep your phone charged while you show things on the TV, and is a really nice feature if you plan on showing long videos or demonstrations with the phone. One thing to note is that the Droid Incredible seems to have a slightly customized microUSB slot intended to work for this cable, so it likely won't work with other phones. When I tried to plug it into a Samsung Vibrant it wouldn't fit, so be aware of this unfortunate limitation.

Overall, this cable is a really nice accessory to have for Droid Incredible owners who want to be able to quickly share content from their phone, especially media shot with the 8MP camera, to groups using a TV. The lack of HD is somewhat disappointing, but it shouldn't be too noticeable on TVs smaller than 40 or so inches. The HTC AV Cable for Droid Incredible is available now for $22.95 from the Android Central Store. Thanks to Chris and Evan for the use of their TV! 

Kyle Gibb