Android 2.0 Source Code Released, Ported to T-Mobile G1

Though the Android 2.0 'Eclair' SDK has been available for quite some time and the Motorola DROID runs Android 2.0 perfectly, the Android 2.0 source code has been kept under wraps for some particular reason (underhand deal with Motorola & Verizon?). This meant that all phone manufacturers outside of Motorola could only tinker with Android 1.6. Luckily, that has all changed.

Google has released the Android 2.0 source code to the Android Open Source Project and that's a great start for all Eclair hunters. Cyanogen has even got it fully running on his T-Mobile G1 and says everything is running "really well, fast and smooth". Eventually, we're sure that Android 2.0 will be available in relatively easy, how to instructions for rooted Android devices.

[aosp via mobilecrunch]

  • correction, he hasn't gotten it fully functioning yet, there are parts of the android 2.0 source that aren't even public yet, and audio and video codecs are a no go right now.
  • What is with the push for everyone to be a rooted user? These phones and devices are extremely expensive and rooting violates the terms of product replacement plans making them even more expensive if they break down
  • It just offers up many more options for you. The biggest deal for me by far is the ability to run and install apps from the sd card. Why we still don't have an android phone worth anything that comes with 8 gigs onboard storage is beyond me. I can fill up a droid or G1 or cliq in a week. Give me 8 gigs on the phone, then I'll have less reason to root. Although having the latest version of the OS months before it's pushed to the carriers is nice also.
  • Any video of it in the web?
  • It will be interesting to see if anyone is able to activate multi-touch 'pinch to zoom' in the default apps, like the browser, maps and camera. Since it's apparently working on the Droid in Europe, one can assume it wouldn't require too much to get it going. Would be a big selling point if they could get that going.
  • They cannot not do "multi-touch on the HTC phones so far with Android. The hardware will not allow for it. Plus, why would anyone want it is beyond me. I find it extremely annoying and uncomfortable on my iTouch. I wish there was a different way to zoom. I like the thought of being able to hold my phone in one hand and doing everything on it without the need of my other hand.