Android 2.0 Donut Build Released: Multitouch, Universal Search, Better Performance

Android 2.0 Donut has been made available to developers and it’s an oh so lovely update—we can expect full multitouch, universal search, automatic backups, text-to-speech, a new camera application and even better performance. All these new features make Android all the more appetizing and certainly puts it on par with the newer features of iPhone 3.0 and the Palm webOS.

What’s perhaps most interesting is that Android 2.0 has added CDMA support, which means carriers such as Sprint and Verizon will be able to get in on the Android action. May we see a Sprint HTC Hero like earlier reports suggested? We know T-Mobile isn’t getting it.

Hopefully we can get a working build of Donut onto a T-Mobile G1, we might be even more excited for Donut than we were for Cupcake. What about you guys?


Casey Chan